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Rodrygo Goes it is the new great discovery of Zinedine Zidane. The French coach surprised lining up on Turkey to the young Brazilian next to Karim Benzema Y Eden Hazard. It was a 'final' for what was at stake, but the Frenchman opted for one of his greatest promises that, incidentally, debuted before him Galatasaray in the Champions League. The player's response could not be more positive.

He made a great match. Very mature, very precise and very natural when it comes to supporting defensive tasks. Rodrygo finished the game giving the feeling of taking a long time at Real Madrid and not being only 18 years old. Zidane was delighted from Istanbul with the performance of his footballer, which has made it clear that the Castile It has long been small.

Rodrygo graduated in Turkey. It is now the best option for the right wing of Real Madrid when it is not Gareth Bale. A position of the most complicated in the Zidane scheme and that has been varying in names since the previous stage of the French on the white bench. Benzema and Hazard are indisputable, as it was already the '9' Gallic and Cristiano Ronaldo before Zidane's departure after The Thirteenth. But the third piece of the white attack danced and continues to dance among several candidates.

Rodrygo tries to get ahead of a Galatasaray player


Zidane's options

Bale and Rodrygo are the most reliable options right now. The former party of Saints in Istanbul he has catapulted him in the white rotation for a position for which the applicants are left over. Zidane's deck had several cards against Galatasaray: James, Vinicius, Jovic, Isco Y Brahim They were the others. In the end, the youngest of all took the cat to the water and fully complied.

The irruption of Rodrygo in the first team makes it inevitable that he will be compared with the situation that his partner and compatriot is going through Junior Vinicius. Both are doomed to comparisons, which leave the first one better than the second one after this season start. Their style of play is similar (vertical, fast, skillful) although they have marked differences. Rodrygo is paused. A tranquility that he uses to be very dangerous for the rival area. Vinicius has more power and top speed, but is lost in the final meters.

Vinicius Junior, in the Real Madrid match against Bruges in the Champions League

Vinicius Junior, in the Real Madrid match against Bruges in the Champions League


Zidane prefers Rodrygo

Zidane has made it clear that he likes Rodrygo more. A player with a more European style and that surprises with the maturity he has despite his young age. In Champions he had his great test and passed it with a note, while Vinicius is having a hard time starting with the French coach. The former of Flamengo now adds another problem that is none other than the appearance of his friend. More competition in the second line and another barrier in their fight for ownership.

Bale also accumulates rivals for his position. The Welshman started the season well, but some physical problems have stopped him. You can't relax given your history with Zidane and the strength with which the younger ones push. Rodrygo is already a serious contender in the Madrid coach's notebook. Vinicius takes note.

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