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In an interview for the Italian newspaper, Ronaldo He has answered the question that referred to that player with whom he has most confronted. The Brazilian surprised everyone with the answer: the one that was central to the Valencia, Roberto Ayala

“He has probably been (Ayala) the player who hit me the most in my career. Every time I faced him, he threatened me and always played to the limit. I was just trying to defend myself,” said the former player of the Real Madrid Y Barcelona, among others, who collided with the Argentine defense several times.

Both players met on numerous occasions in La Liga because the Argentine central militated in the ranks of Valencia, while the Brazilian striker was the offensive reference of Madrid. This, together with the clashes between the two South American teams, make more than a dozen meetings where both players have had to confront each other.

Despite this, his first crossing was in an Italian derby, in the Inter de Milan (team where Ronaldo was) and Milan. 'The Phenomenon' has described the defense that has cost more to overcome, which put more obstacles and did not let him reach the rival area. Ayala was a nightmare for anyone Golden Ball twice (1997 and 2002).

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