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Javier Clemente He is one of the most relevant technicians in our country, not only for his professional career, but also for his overwhelming personality. The Basque has granted an interview to the YouTube channel, Idols, where he has reviewed his career as a technician, which began in 1975 in the Arenas Club.

One of the most striking confessions of the talk was one of the moments he lived during the mandate of Ramon Mendoza, -he occupied the presidency of Real Madrid between 1985 and 1996- “I was about to train Real Madrid with Ramón Mendoza, but I was in the Athletic And I could not go. I do not regret it, I was in my club and I, with whom I spoke, told him to wait to finish my contract, not to be in Bilbao and I was delighted.

He wanted to highlight the good relationship he had with the president of Madrid: I was very close to Ramón. Notice, being at Atlético de Madrid I argued with him, being his close friend, to defend Jesus Gil. I didn't argue with him, I defended Jesus Gil when they had a very big showdown because I was his coach. “

In the 90s, Clemente advised Barcelona to form a new staff, which soon became the Dream team: “I did not design the Dream team. José Luis Núñez He asked me my opinion. It is not the same to say: “Javi, what players ficho for next year?”. No, he said: “What do you think if we sign a guy, …?”, Who were the Basque players. I told him that it was a success and that he was going to make a great template. He signed them and made it, but in the end he who went to Barcelona went Johan Cruyff“.

Directed to Atlético de Madrid in the 1989/1990 season and has fervently defended his ex-team and his current coach: “They give sticks to Atletico Madrid Cholo Because they fear him. What they want is to try to distort him, to bother him. Incomoda that is in that position. They do not talk about you when you are last, but when you have a certain level of results and do not agree with what they want, that is, do not disturb the team of which they are supporters, because they give you cane. If Atlético were sixth or seventh, it wouldn't bother anyone, “he added bluntly.

He remembered with love when he trained Samuel Eto'o highlighting his special personality and professionalism. With humor, he commented that change he ordered with the Cameroonian team and that he allegedly angered the player: “They tell me and I honestly did not know. Samuel Eto'o does not stop me from changing or joking. Yes I think it took him I've been told many times and I don't know what to answer because I didn't find out, “he said amused.

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