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The 2019/2020 season began very unstably for the Real Madrid. The performance of the team has not been good, or at least stable, during the matches of League Y Champions disputed so far. Something that has done the template is immersed in a gray dynamic, with lights and shadows, in which some players have been more marked than others.

Although the defeat in Paris against the PSG (3-0) can be harder and more painful, the one that happened in Majorca in the last match played in the League it was a stronger blow of reality. And, in a week as busy as it was coming, with a match in Turkey and Barcelona (until it was postponed The classic), the possibility of falling into Are moix.

This meeting gave for several analyzes and offered many conclusions. Zidane He needed to give the team fresh air and give the internationals who had traveled with their selections in the 'parón with some rest FIFA'. This made the coach decided to align the players who had not been concentrated with their national teams and had been working for almost two weeks in Valdebebas.

The three in discord

It is here where gold opportunities came into play for soccer players like James Rodríguez, Isco or Jovic. Three players who, unlike others also unusual as Brahim or Mariano, were called in summer to be important at Real Madrid this season; At least in the rotation.

Despite this, the three have failed to take advantage of the chances of playing with the elastic meringue to claim. In fact, many performances have left them in a worse place than they had.

James Rodríguez: from holder to disappeared

If there is a player who is closer to be able to gain Zidane's trust, it is James Rodriguez. The Colombian started the season being the great star of Real Madrid with Gareth Bale. Both were grating at a high level after a summer in which they were on the exit ramp. However, his presence on the team blurred.

Change from James Rodriguez to Hazard


After renowned performances, with great defensive involvement in the white team, the French coach stopped counting on the '16' of Real Madrid. His minutes of play fell and his stay on the bench took hold. Something that puts your situation in Concha Espina at risk.

The coffee grower needs to recover the commitment to return to have opportunities with Zidane. His technique and quality are far from any doubt, so he can still be an important player for whites.

Isco does not count for Zidane

It is nothing new to see Isco starting a missing season, leaving from the bench and paddling against the current. The Malaga already lived it in the 2016/2017 season, where he took advantage of the injuries of players like Bale to make his remarkable performance outstanding and finish the season in Cardiff as headline

After that, player performance has plummeted. Last season he was already one of the most marked players with Solari on the bench of Real Madrid, but this continues in the same trend. Isco has failed to convince Zidane as expected and is one of the least used players by the French in the squad.

Isco Alarcón, in a Real Madrid match

Isco Alarcón, in a Real Madrid match

Although he could gain the confidence of the technician again taking advantage of the opportunities he offers, so far he is not doing so. In addition, the competition in the core is tougher than ever, since the seven members of the staff that work in this area are without injuries and available to play. He has magic and is in his hand to demonstrate again.

Jovic and the lack of adaptation

One of the clearest examples that playing at Santiago Bernabéu is not a simple task is Luka Jovic. The Serb landed in Concha Espina this summer, generating illusion in the merengue parish. His outstanding season in the Eintracht, dazzling all of Europe with their goals, left no doubt. However, its adaptation is being complicated.

Jovic celebrates his goal with Real Madrid

Jovic celebrates his goal with Real Madrid


The striker does not finish acclimatizing to the dynamics of Real Madrid. Zidane gives you opportunities as a relay or companion of Benzema in their lineups, but the player is lost and not fit.

Jovic is a key piece for the future of Real Madrid and in the club an important investment was made for him, so the confidence is still there. He needs to accelerate his acclimatization in Concha Espina in order to perform at the level for which he was signed. Especially at a time when the team needs to increase their scoring records.

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