Gareth Bale got injured with Wales

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The bad year that completed the Real Madrid Last season it caused rumors about a renewal of the workforce to emerge day after day. And one of the big ones pointed out during the last seasons, especially after the last Champions League of the white team, has been Gareth Bale.

The Welshman, always in the spotlight for his physical problems, has been more protagonist this last campaign for what he did outside the field than for his performances by the band Santiago Bernabeu. The Briton has spent this year not hiding his interests in every interview he offers, making it clear that he has more concern for golf than football.

Every time he has put himself in front of the mike, he has lost the support of white fans. And without the need to appear before journalists, rumors about the end of their contractual relationship with Real Madrid have accompanied him in the last year. And before that, Jonathan Barnett, his agent, has gained prominence to defend his interests with a clear strategy: as much as they want to see him outside Madrid, Bale does not move.

'Never, never, never'

It seems that Barnett is a great follower of some strategies that Florentine Perez He has carried out during his career as president of the Concha Espina entity. That famous phrase he sang to deny the signing of David Beckham It has been part of the tactic that the agent of Gareth Bale has used to revoke the information that said that the Welshman wanted to leave Real Madrid.

In January he made it clear that Gareth “as a child was always wearing the white shirt” and that “his dream was to play with Madrid.” As a result of that and given the rumors that placed him outside the Santiago Bernabéu, he clarified that “Bale has always felt an important part of the team” and that “he has never wanted to leave.” Although he also confirmed that at the end of the 2017/2018 season, the year of The Thirteenth, “it was unfairly treated.”

Gareth Bale got injured with Wales


Respond to whistles

Few escaped last season from the whistles of Santiago Bernabéu. The respectable who goes to the white stadium in communion has always been characterized by being little patient and critical of his players. And when things are not going well or when the player in question is not at the level of the institution, they let them know.

Barnett, before the whistles received by the Welshman after The classic that Madrid lost 1-0 in the month of February, expected that “fans should feel ashamed of themselves.” “This generation will talk about Gareth's goals over the next few years, he deserves the greatest respect after winning everything, they should kiss his feet,” said the British agent.

The weight of the substitution

Gareth Bale was relegated to the bench in several games after the return of Zinedine ZidaneHe was not even called in consecutive games. In fact, he left the future of his represented in the hands of the French. “It is a pity that he is not playing, if it is a message for the next season? We should ask him,” Barnett snapped.

Even so, the representative made it clear twice in May that he expected “Bale to continue playing for Real Madrid.” “Gareth is one hundred percent committed” to the white team, reiterated the agent who has recently been proclaimed the most in the world.

Gareth Bale, replaced by James Rodríguez

Gareth Bale, replaced by James Rodríguez


A busy summer

And with all this came the summer period. The future of many white players was in the air, to the point that Zidane himself made it clear at a press conference. The famous “if it is solved tomorrow, better for everyone” about the possible departure of Gareth Bale to China during the tour of the United States was the moment in which the relationship between coach and player was made public.

One of the possibilities that were also probed for the Welshman to leave was the way of transfer. But Barnett bet all summer to make it difficult to leave the club. “There are more options for me to win in Ascot (horse racing) than Bale to go on loan,” said the agent. “He has a lovely life in Spain and I think it would be something exceptional for him to leave everything,” said his representative. And in the end he continued in Madrid.

The latest statements after Bale's visit to his offices in London are another example of Barnett's strategy. The long contract that still unites the striker with the Chamartín entity is succulent enough to look for a way out. Both the Welshman and his agent know his limitations and the difficulty of finding a team that treats him as well as the way of life he has in Spain. And as long as there is no one willing to match that, it seems difficult for Bale to move.

(More information: Barnett, Bale agent: “He's a Real Madrid player, he's euphoric”)



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