Bruges players ask the referee to cancel Casmeiro's goal

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The selection stop has not stopped the dynamics of Zidane; at least completely. The French coach has not stopped working to find the formula to face the first Tourmalet of the season. A week in which the Real Madrid they will have to face three matches and in which there are at stake much more than nine points.

The internationals of the white team have traveled with their selections, while others continue to work in Valdebebas. When the break ends next week, on Saturday, a three-game three will start with League Y Champions in Game. Whites will have to face Mallorca, Galatasaray and Barcelona In just seven days. Something that requires a strategic action plan.

The unstable start of the season has left the team with a bittersweet taste, since while in the domestic championship they are leaders, in Champions the situation is quite different. Real Madrid lost the first match against PSG (3-0) and tied the second in the Santiago Bernabéu against the Witches (2-2). Results that leave the meringues with no alternative to winning a victory in Turkey.

Bruges players ask the referee to cancel Casmeiro's goal


As if that weren't enough, El Clásico on October 26 will be the second big test of the season after the Princes' Park disaster. A match in which those of Zidane want to establish their leadership and increase the distance with Barcelona. However, it is a meeting of maximum demand, at the Camp Nou, in which Ernesto Valverde They will not give way easily.

To successfully overcome this week of high voltage Zidane has drawn up a plan with the template, waiting for the team to concentrate again after the selection stop.

Return to the rotations

The French coach is aware that he cannot afford to squeeze eleven headlines in just seven days, so he needs to put his speech into practice and take advantage of the 25 players he has on the roster. The rotations will allow the team to have freshness and have variables for each meeting. Something that Zidane has been promoting since the beginning of the course.

Specific work

This week the staff of Real Madrid is divided: some are in Valdebebas exercising normally, while others are concentrated with their selections on the occasion of the break. The most important thing is that the work dynamics does not stop except in case of injury, with the aim of being in full condition.

Zidane in the Pizjuán.

Zidane in the Pizjuán.


Empty the infirmary

The injuries have been one of the most important headaches that the French coach has had to deal with since the preseason. Currently, Kroos is out of combat, but Zidane is confident of recovering important players as much as possible. Mendy or Marcelo so that they take a rhythm of competition.

Trust and pressure

One of the keys to traveling to Camp Nou and being able to compete successfully against Barça is to have confidence and know how to handle the pressure. The technician must ensure that the workforce is concentrated, abstracted from everything outside the group and prepared to compete at any time.

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