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Despite the unstable start of the season that is experiencing the Real Madrid, the club’s ambitious goals remain intact. The new project forged in Conch Thorn It aims to reign in Europe and return the afternoons of glory to Santiago Bernabeu.

To fulfill this task the club commissioned the direction of the new project to Zinedine Zidane. The French coach is a key piece, since he is the only coach who has managed to lift three Champions Consecutive in the history of world football. A galactic incorporation that landed in Concha Espina in March to redirect a drifting ship.

At this start of the season the situation is not being simple, since the white team is being hard hit by a plague of injuries that has not ceased since the beginning of the season. Important players like Marcelo, Modric or Hazard They have been in the infirmary, away from the playing fields and unable to help the team. Something that has reduced the performance of the template.

Despite this, Zidane has continued to work to lay the foundations for his new project. Pillars that curiously coincide with those who made their team a winner in their previous stage. The one in which he championed for Europe with the Madrid flag as a banner.

Zinedine Zidane looks at the ground after Brujas' second goal against Real Madrid


In the press conference prior to the game that the whites will play this Saturday against the PomegranateZidane again made clear one of his maxims in his ideology: nothing untouchable. The technician does not want egos or sacred cows in his locker room. Your goal is to have the entire template plugged in so that nobody relaxes and lowers your arms ahead of time.

“There is no one indisputable. We are 25 players and I will count on 25. Always. From the beginning of the season to the end. I have to say it with a smile, because it is the truth,” Zidane snapped before the media clearly and forcefulness.

Team A and B

This exemplifies the second pillar that you want to cement again: the 'unit B'. That emblematic list of players like Morata, James, Isco and company that took chestnuts out of the fire at Real Madrid in the most complicated moments. Something Zidane wants to reissue with Mendy, Jovic, Vinicius Y Militao, among others.

Both bases have a core, which is the management of estates. The greatest virtue of Zidane is the ability to deal with soccer players to squeeze their best versions to the fullest. A policy in which he has been working since the preseason started in Montreal (Canada) in early summer.

Against Granada will be another proof that nobody is irreplaceable. The French coach will shake the shaker in order to give opportunities to new players and rest for others. This was reflected in a call in which he left out players as Lucas Vázquez or Vinicius.

This already happened happen in games like the one of Osasuna or even in the Madrid derby against the Athletic from Simeone. The alignments of Zidane will always be an enigma with templates as wide and as high level as that of Real Madrid.

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