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Thibaut Courtois It looks like another for several weeks. The goalkeeper has thrown the bolt to the goal of a Real Madrid which accumulates five consecutive games without conceding a single goal. The archer has silenced the criticism and has recovered that version that led him to be the Gold Glove From the past Russia World Cup with the Belgium national team.

Precisely, he is now concentrated with the Red Devils and it has been there from where he has attended EFE. “I never doubted myself, I know what I am worth and that will not change, “said a Courtois who already left similar statements after the victories of last week of Real Madrid both in The league like in the Champions League.

The former of Chelsea he feels clothed when he comes to the call of his team and that he did during the last break “Recover some sensations that he had lost anyway.” “Yes it is true that after a difficult game, that I got sick, that then you know the brown that was, you come here, to an area where you meet people, the goalkeeper coach (Erwin Lemmens), who knows me almost better than my father, so to speak, and we have regained some sensations that he had lost a little, “he confessed.


What he wanted to make clear is that despite the complicated results and doubts in some of his individual performances, his confidence did not diminish: “In the end, I never lost confidence, I never felt bad. Before the match of Bruges, when they started me to criticize, we had won 0-1 in Seville and left 0-0 with Atlético, which are two difficult fields. “

Thibaut Courtois against Leganés


“It has been good to recover those goals to zero, but in the end it is a job of eleven, not only the goalkeeper. We are eleven that we attack and eleven that we defend,” said a Thibaut Courtois that has surpassed the mark of Keylor Navas and his 533 minutes without receiving a goal as goalkeeper of the merengue set.


The requirement of Real Madrid is maximum, as well as everything that surrounds the club of Concha Espina: “It is true that the press is more demanding. There is much talk about Madrid, you have to fill ten pages of newspapers every day talking only about Madrid. But in winning matches not because when he was in 'Atleti' (2011-2014) you had to win, when he was in Chelsea (2014-2018), you had to win. That doesn't change, in Madrid it's also that. “

Courtois has assured that it avoids everything related to the media: “TI get someone to help me with the press stuff. I try not to read or listen. If there is something I have to know, I will know. But if not, I have to be focused on training well, doing my things. “

“The constructive criticism of people who know I will listen to them, from people who know about it: my coaches, my colleagues and if there is an exporter who says something that may interest me, obviously. But if not, receive criticism from people who never has been in the goal is more difficult because the goalkeeper position is somewhat complicated, added the Belgian.

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