Isco Alarcón in front of Iddrisu Baba and Takefusa Kubo

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Rubén de La Red He had to say goodbye to football too soon. A midfielder of great quality and vision of the game that could have given many nights of glory in the Santiago Bernabeu. Despite not being able to play, the former soccer player is still linked to the world of football and has now talked to Calciomercato About several proper names.

The one who was a canterano of Real Madrid has talked about Cristiano Ronaldo and the upper case angry after I changed him Sarri in the last game of the Turin Juventus. “If Cristiano hadn't reacted like that, it wouldn't be him. He was angry because the match was still matched and he wanted to win: the fact that he still cares so much about each match, to me, is to praise, “said De la Red.

“The constant challenge with Messi was a great motivation,” he continued, but has shown his disagreement with Fabio Capello, after the Italian said that Cristino “takes three years without haggling anyone.” “Each player has positive and less positive moments, but people like Cristiano and Messi himself cannot be misjudged, everyone knows what it is worth,” said the former Madridista.

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The midpoint of honey Creek It does not go through its best moment and that is something that is verified when looking at the records of the Malaga of this season. Fewer minutes, less prominence and many doubts about a future away from Real Madrid.

Isco Alarcón in front of Iddrisu Baba and Takefusa Kubo


“I think he will stay where he is, he is a great footballer and he will have more space. For me, he who stays in Madrid will always be right. And if next year he will want to leave, he will not lack important offers,” said De Net.

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