Five news you should know about Real Madrid 4-2 Granada

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He Real Madrid wants to continue maintaining the good streak of results harvested in recent games and those of Zidane they will travel to Ipurua this Saturday to measure yourself at Eibar with the intention of adding a victory to the serve. In Betsson You will find the best odds to bet.

Whites are favorites for the match despite playing away from home. Your victory is paid at 1.57 euros for each euro wagered, but if you trust Real Madrid you can multiply your money by 2.08 if you bet that Zidane's win at the break and at the end of the game.

In case the Eibar From the surprise to your audience, you can win 5.70 euros for each euro wagered with your victory and 4.20 if at least they get the tie. In addition, if the Real Madrid players did not score in the match, the quota is € 2.59 for each euro wagered.

Real Madrid players celebrate Hazard's goal for Granada


You also have the possibility of betting on a specific marker in favor of the targets: 0-1 (7.60); 0-2 (8.60); 1-2 (7.30); 0-3 (11); 1-3 (11); 0-4 (21). In favor of Eibar, the fees amount considerably: 1-0 (17), 2-0 (29), 2-1 (17), 3-0 (70), 3-1 (39), 4-0 (251 ).

Goals in the match

On the other hand, the goal scorer has succulent quotas. If Real Madrid is the first to score in the match you can win 14.6 euros for every 10 wagered. While Eibar did, up to 28.1.

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