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He Real Madrid It has dramatically changed its sports dynamics and is on the right track to be the winning team of yesteryear. One of the keys to achieving this objective will be the state of form of Casemiro. The Brazilian is being one of the key players of the season in Concha Espina and the team cannot afford his absence.

Against him Galatasaray the whites returned to the path of success with a win in which Real Madrid shone again as it had not done for some time and the incidence of '14' in Real Madrid was demonstrated again. It is the piece that supports the team and joins the defense with the center of the field. A function in which it gains prominence as the parties go by and that has made Zidane do not want to do without him before any rival, above the quality of his adversary.

Casemiro is the most used squad player by Zidane this season and this seriously endangers his integrity. The midfielder needs to rest and dose, since the probability of breaking is increasingly high. The situation has been complicated by the absence of a natural replacement for the Brazilian in the workforce. Something that is causing you to rest a little on Chamartin.

Casemiro, during a meeting this season


The alternative to Casemiro

In spite of everything, the situation seems to have light at the end of the tunnel. Against the Galatasaray Zidane made the first movement to give him rest and dose his legs. In the 59th minute the player was replaced and could breathe a little from the bench; something unusual this course.

Marcao tries to steal the ball from Fede Valverde

Marcao tries to steal the ball from Fede Valverde


His position was mastered by Fede Valverde. The Uruguayan player ended up playing pivot, covering the backs to the sides and the interiors with solvency. A work that shone as Casemiro usually does, on his first chance to be his relay.

Valverde, the solution

This is key for Zidane, since the technician has not given rest to the '14' due to its importance in the equipment and not having a spare after the sale of Marcos Llorente to the Atlético de Madrid. Valverde can be a solution for this, also helping you gain versatility in the core and continue to grow as a footballer.

Fede Valverde sees the yellow card against Galatasaray

Fede Valverde sees the yellow card against Galatasaray


Although the ideal position of the charrúa is that of the interior, with the possibility of reaching the area, against the Galatasaray He showed that he has boards to serve as a defensive pivot. His youth, tactical intelligence and physical deployment capacity place him as the great alternative in the core.

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