Five news you should know about Real Madrid before bed (07/11/2019)

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Thus comes the news of Thursday November 7:

Rodrygo is already the king of the 2000 generation: the greatest promise of football born in the 21st century

The Brazilian player has emerged vertiginously at Real Madrid and has thrown the door down the merengue hall of fame. Read the full story >>

Fede Valverde, the key of Zidane to dose Casemiro

The Uruguayan player has become one of the sensations of the season in the white set and has shone for its versatility. Read the full story >>

Luka Doncic, a dangerous son of a bitch

I wrote not too long ago, even if it looks like a world, an open letter to Luka Doncic begging him to stay another year at Real Madrid. I asked him, almost in tears, not to leave or to make us European champions. And chose. And flew. And it made me fly. And I flew from him. Sorry for the trambolic reference but Luka is not simply playing in the NBA. Luka Doncic is flying. And it is making us fly. Read the full story >>

Real Madrid wins Red Star and adds its first win away from home in Euroleague

The intimidation of Tavares, vital in victory. The lack of tino from the perimeter was about to cost Madrid the game. Rudy appeared to heal her. Read the full story >>

Tavares gives the keys to Real Madrid's victory against Red Star

The player of the white set explained how the match took place in Serbian territory. Read the full story >>



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