Marcelo, in this Wednesday's training

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Injuries have been one of the biggest ballasts of Real Madrid at this start of the season. The problems in the workforce have been increasing gradually and the casualties have meant a great headache for a Zidane that, almost every week, he had to redo his schemes to face the matches.

This situation has resulted in an unstable and doubtful performance, with important peaks of ups and downs. Something that in the last weeks the French coach seems to have managed to stabilize with the unbeaten category held by whites in the last five games in a row.

The plague of casualties seemed to have remained in stand by in Concha Espina, but the selection stop has reactivated her with the knee injury she suffered James Rodriguez Friday during training with Colombia. Something that shows that the windows FIFA they are being an important burden for Real Madrid in the last month, since important players are falling in the infirmary after being concentrated with their selections.

New selection window

Although there are always troops who are not summoned by their countries of origin and remain training in Valdebebas, in this last stop Real Madrid has dispensed with 14 players for international matches: Modric, Varane, Areola, Ramos, Carvajal, Courtois, Hazard, Casemiro, Militão, Rodrygo, Bale, Valverde, Kroos and James have traveled with their selections to face friendly and official qualifying matches; The exception is that the Colombian has returned because of his injury.

The figure is very important, since the absence of this list of players means that Zidane has to work in Valdebebas without 54% of its staff, among which are the most important players in the team. In September already lost 17 players and in October to 13.

Marcelo, in this Wednesday's training

In addition, in this window there were complicated risk matches such as the one facing Brazil and Argentina, or those that Gareth Bale was going to play with Welsh playing life to be in the 2020 Euro Cup and he in the process of recovering from his physical discomfort.

Headache in the break

Already in the previous break Real Madrid went into a rage when the news that the '11' fell injured with his team along with Luka Modric was known. Both did during the game that Croatia and Wales played in the month of October. A situation that seriously worried the white set, since they were two very important pieces.

Modric and Bale, injured

Modric and Bale, injured

Since the start of the season, whites have lost four players after traveling with their national teams. James, Bale, Modric and Valverde were protagonists, being important players in the discipline of Zidane for the season.

The white nursing radiography

With James's injury there are already 25 that Real Madrid has suffered, affecting 16 players of the first team according to the report made by RipollyDePrado Sport Clinic. This is nine more ailments than the season affecting five more players in the squad.

The center of the field re-certifies that the center of the field is the most affected area of ​​the field. Players like Modric, Isco, Brahim, James and Kroos have been injured; the only big exception is Casemiro. In fact, some like the Colombian have suffered more than one injury.

James Rodriguez trains with Colombia

James Rodriguez trains with Colombia

The only positive point of the stoppages this year is that they have served, on previous occasions, for players like Hazard, Courtois or Modric to shoot, gain confidence in a family environment and return better than ever to Madrid, but have weighed the team a lot . And is that the wear to which many players are subjected is excessive for seasons as long as the white club faces.

Real Madrid will be able to breathe when this break is over, since there will not be another until March. However, there is still the bulk of the window, since it is the weekend when most white internationals play with their selections.

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