Escalante presses Hazard

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The victory of Real Madrid in Ipurua reflected the upward trend that has been starring Eden Hazard during the last weeks. The Belgian played what until now has been his best game since signing for the white club last summer. 16 appearances later the real Hazard was seen, the one they were waiting for in Chamartin and the one who trusted Zinedine Zidane that would end up appearing sooner than later.

It was his first magical night with Real Madrid. Hazard didn't score, but he did everything else. It caused a penalty that turned Sergio Ramos and drove crazy to Blasis for his band. He left his rivals in both long and short spaces being a pleasure for the fan to see him on the grass of Ipurua. His performance ended with a run by the left wing in which he got rid of two rivals to end up centering from rabona from the baseline. The photo is to frame it.

Finally it was seen that if Hazard is well, this Madrid is at another level. Because this is his Madrid and for that he was signed. The Belgian expected this, that with his football he would lift the team to another dimension and be differential. Before Eibar it was even if he lacked the goal, his account pending since so far he only has a bit of white. At last his category of world star was seen and that is cause for celebration in a Madrid in full growth.

Escalante presses Hazard


The appearance of the best Hazard comes at the most precise moment. In the last matches the best Madrid of the last year and a half has been seen and it was only necessary that his '7' arrived to put the icing. We will have to wait 12 days to see Eden again with the white shirt, but we hope to return from the international stop even more plugged. In the white club they called for calm with their performance when the most unnoticed happened. Hazard is a player who has trouble entering the season, but ends up arriving. And arrived.

The best Hazard with Benzema

But Ipurua is not the most expected of Hazard, of which only the tip of the iceberg has been seen as a Real Madrid player. The next thing is to settle in the trident that makes up next to Benzema Y Rodrygo. It has been the gala during the last month and, after the emergence of the Brazilian, it seems that it will continue to be after the break. A dynamic and constantly moving trio, as Zidane likes, and with high quality in its three peaks. And, most importantly, they have a goal.

Because with Hazard at the level that corresponds to him, life of another color is seen. Before Eibar, for example, there were cons launched by the Belgian that reminded those of the best times with Christian. With Benzema through the center acting as Portuguese, because this is also Karim's Madrid. But the rudder seems to belong to Eden, given the insistence that Zidane has had even if it was not right for him to gain rhythm and confidence.

Now the goal is missing, which will come. At this point he had already been a dozen in the Chelsea and, although now he only has one, Zidane is clear that Hazard will end up contributing great things from face to door. Nobody expects his records to be like Cristiano's, he is not that type of player, but this Madrid, which is also everyone's, needs the goals of his star to finish taking off and be aspiring to win everything.

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