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The adaptation of Martin Odegaard in his first year in The league It is being total. The young Norwegian player has not had great Spanish competition in his first full season after debuting with the Real Madrid when I only played in the Castile. After being the best player of the first month of competition, he continues to improve and be one of the most outstanding players in the championship.

But its adaptation is not only being on the pitch, but also outside it is adjusting to life in Spain. The Real society, where he will play this year and next, he has shared a video in which he shows how are the Spanish classes of Odegaard and Isak Y Sagnon, the other foreigners who came to Anoeta the last summer.

Unlike his teammates, which is the first time they play in Spain, Odegaard has proven to know how to deal with the language and has improved a lot since he landed in the Real Madrid in the 2014/2015 season. Even so, he acknowledges that it is still difficult for him to function normally in a public sphere for fear of being wrong.

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