Paul Pogba, afflicted on the grass

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Paul Pogba (26, France) has returned to the media scene to be related to the Real Madrid. The midfielder of Manchester United It has always been one of the most coveted signings by Zidane for his new project and in England there is already talk of a white club offensive to try to get his services.

According to the information offered by The sun, Real Madrid would have prepared an offer of 85 million euros, plus James Rodriguez and Mariano Díaz, to sign Pogba. The whites would try to reduce the cost of the operation with the Colombian midfielder and the Hispanic-Dominican forward. Two players with whom Zidane has not counted especially during this start of the season.

It would be a new attempt by the merengue entity to try to achieve the incorporation of the French midfielder. His signing was a matter of status for Zidane this summer, but Manchester United closed in a band to not allow the march of his great star. The English were adamant in their demands, estimated at 200 million euros, and did not lower their economic claims to allow their departure.

Paul Pogba, afflicted on the grass


Real Madrid has in its roadmap trying to undertake the signing of Pogba in 2020. The strategy of the whites is focused on trying to press United with greater guarantees, since the player ends contract in June 2021 and the demands of Old Trafford could be reduced to the danger of losing the Frenchman without receiving any money.

Mariano and James, on the tightrope

The inclusion of Mariano Díaz in the operation would be viable, since the player does not count for Zidane and has not yet debuted this season. The forward will leave Real Madrid, as his agent recently confirmed, although what was valued was a transfer operation for two seasons.

Mariano with Real Madrid.

Mariano with Real Madrid.


James's case is still unknown. He has never been one of Zidane's favorite players and in his previous stage he stopped counting on him, propitiating his two-year assignment to Bayern Munich. Now his situation has not changed, since, despite having started the season as a starter, his figure has been diluted with the passage of the conference and his physical problems.

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