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Defeat in Are moix against him Majorca did a lot of damage to Real Madrid. It was the definitive culmination that confirmed that the whites had not started La Liga well and needed changes in the team. However, the most affected of the party were the members of a 'unit B' that has not had much significance in the squad since that game.

The iconic second line of players was a bet of Zidane to play on the islands, but the experiment did not go well. Players like Odriozola they were very marked and Zidane ended up on the tightrope, playing the place in Champions before him Galatasaray and with Real Madrid in crisis.

Odriozola collides with Salva Sevilla


Until the coach has not managed to straighten the course of the team has not returned to make great revolutions in the template. In fact, in previous matches he only made specific changes and squeezed the strong core of the squad. An example of this has been the large number of minutes that players have accumulated as Casemiro and Kroos on his legs this season.

Zidane did not want to seriously jeopardize his new project and opted to trust his trusted men to reverse the situation. Now, with the team plunged into the best streak of results since it landed at Real Madrid back in March, the experiments seem to gradually return to the team.

Opportunities for 'unit B'

Successful alignment with the French is a lottery. The technician is always in favor of introducing changes in the meetings, almost constantly. Against Alavés it was the first game where 'unit B' has once again had its chance, at least for three of them. Areola, Militao and Isco They have given the face for the second line of the team curdling a good game and helping to get all three points. Something that reopens the chances of Zidane returning to distribute minutes among the unusual.

Isco heads up against Pacheco

Isco heads up against Pacheco


Although Vinicius, Odriozola, Mendy and Jovic have not played, the ownership of three unusual players is already an important step with Zidane. So far the tap was closed, but the players are responding. In fact, for Isco it has been the second consecutive ownership. The Malaga was already against him PSG in the last day of Champions and has been again in Begging.

Isco, back

Isco is returning to his best form, something that seemed unthinkable a few weeks ago. The player seemed away from the team, but Zidane has managed to recover his best version. In fact, against Alavés he had the difficult ballot to replace Hazard and he complied with it. The midfielder was erected as the helm of the team and showed that he still has a lot to prove.

Isco overcomes the defense of Galatasaray but fails to turn it into a goal

Isco overcomes the defense of Galatasaray but fails to turn it into a goal


For 'Zizou' it is important news to have been able to recover Isco, since with injured James it is a key piece to give headlines a rest in the center of the field and to have another offensive variant of guarantees in the workforce. A letter that the coach has in his deck again facing the transcendental part of the season, the one where the titles are played.

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