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Keylor Navas has established itself in Paris, where since he signed for the PSG He is a starting goalkeeper. The Costa Rican goalkeeper smiles again after a complicated last year in the ranks of the Real Madrid after removing the site Thibaut Courtois. Beyond his performances, in recent weeks he has been current in France by the filtration of L'Équipe of his supposed exorbitant salary.

According to this information from the French medium, Keylor Navas would receive around 600,000 euros per month, which would make a total of about seven million euros per season.

Questioned about them at a press conference, the doorman did not seem to like the question but ended up responding with irony. “Don't be scared if one day you see that I have a house in Miami, if I am buying a building in China ..,” he joked.

Keylor Navas with the PSG shirt


“The paper endures what people write. There are many people who are bored that starts doing that kind of thing that, in the end, brings me carelessly. If someone has had fun with the joke, enjoy it … “added the somewhat angry tico.

“My thing is football and unfortunately this kind of thing happens. Let's see if in the future they put me a private plane in my name,” Keylor concluded.

(More information: The peace between Courtois and the Santiago Bernabéu)



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