Julen Lopetegui gives orders to his players during Sevilla - Real Madrid

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Julen Lopetegui started a new adventure last summer in the Seville. This came after he was replaced last October 2018 as coach of the Real Madrid. About the white team has spoken now during an interview with The spar.

“It doesn't bother me to be asked about Real Madrid … another thing is that it responds with more or less enthusiasm,” he said. “If I would return? I do not think about the future in that regard,” said a Lopetegui who has also expressed his opinion on the VAR: “I think that VAR is good, football is going to be more fair than if there was no VAR although I think that some criteria have to be unified. The VAR has come to stay. “

On whether it is possible for Sevilla to win The league, the one who was the coach of Spain He has limited himself to a short-term speech that he already had when he was coach of Real Madrid: “Sevilla can aspire to compete every game with the ambition to win all three points, we focus on the short term. “


Last weekend, Lopetegui lived his first derby against the Betis. “I think so, the Sevillian derby is different from everything. There is a different context, it is a smaller city compared to Madrid. For fans it was an important joy,” he commented on the program of the SER chain.

Julen Lopetegui gives orders to his players during Sevilla – Real Madrid


“If I would train Betis one day? What we say is that we surrender to Seville in life, I hope we are here for many years,” said the Basque coach, who has also spoken about the imposing, and famous, anthem of Seville: “Is the milk Impress everyone, even those who are not from Seville. But when you hear it from local, the emotion is greater. It is an important reference in the club. “

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