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The Selection faces in the next few days its last two commitments of the qualification phase for the 2020 Euro Cup. With the ticket to the final phase already secured, those of Robert Moreno face their next clashes with greater peace of mind malt Y Romania.

Sergio Ramos, the captain of the national team, has appeared at a press conference and has analyzed all the news surrounding the National Team and has dealt with other issues such as the hours before He Classic and the Super Cup that will be played in Saudi Arabia.

A few games, next to Piqué?

“It makes me excited to always represent Spain. Like Piqué, all the players who could play an Olympic Games with Spain would do it. First there is a European Championship and then it will be seen, but I am excited because it is something I have never lived.”

Villa Withdrawal

“Villa is a legend, one of the best players in Spain and the world. I congratulate him on his career and for everything he has given for Spain and the teams he has played for.”

Controversy with the Classic

“Nothing would have happened if the two teams had played on Saturday. The only ones harmed are us. There is still room for movement so that it can be modified.”

Play in Catalonia

“Now may not be the ideal time to play in Catalonia, but if you have to go to Barcelona to play … why not? Regardless of the scenario, it is always a pride to represent your country.”

Supercup in Saudi Arabia

“Everything that is trying to get women to go to the stadiums and take advantage of the sport to unite, as Rubiales said, is wonderful. If it serves to normalize the country, we will be proud to have participated in it.”

Bale and his injury

“Anything I can say will generate a headline that will blur the costumes. It is a club theme. What makes me happy is that he returns to play, so when he returns he will be available to play. In the end time puts everyone in your place. What makes me happy is to see that both Bale and James are training with their selections. “

He doesn't think about leaving the National Team

“Honestly not. Putting a roof on yourself would be a mistake. I like living in the moment and everything that can extend the race.”



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