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The Belgians already give the note. Thibaut Courtois Y Eden Hazard they have been the two signings that he has studied the most Real Madrid during the last seasons, with permission of the young bets. Both arrived in similar situations, separated by a period of one year. Arrivals were studied for a long time and led to major changes in the workforce: one in the goal, in which Keylor Navas I was seated, and another as a relief from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Madrid put high hopes in their signings, but both have been followed with magnifying glass and have been criticized. More in the case of Courtois, who after a season of white already behind him, was demanded even more. The white goal spent a year with brutal wear and tear over the debate between the Belgian and Keylor and Thibaut was not forgiven one at this start of the season.

But Courtois has managed to flip the tortilla, as Hazard has done. The white '7', which came to light and excited all Madrid with his signing, has cost him to start. Something of his own when landing in a new club and a process through which others have already passed through the 'White House' as his own Zinedine Zidane. But in Ipurua the best Hazard was seen, the last season of Chelsea, the one who signed Madrid last summer.

Hazard's exhibition in Ipurua

Courtois numbers

Both have improved in the last month. Courtois is backed by numbers and Hazard is feeling. The Belgian goal has planted the wall and has been unbeaten for 533 minutes with Real Madrid. His best white record and he's only one minute away from the best of Keylor Navas. With Belgium things are going even better and that is, after the last break, they are already 704 consecutive minutes without conceding a goal.

Hazard's feelings

Hazard is more about what you see on the field than your numbers. He still has a goal, but against him Eibar He got the best of himself. Dribble, adrenaline and much danger in the rival area. That is what you want to see in white. Things are going well with Belgium and he gave an assist during his last game against Kazakhstan last October.

Zidane is waiting for you around the corner. One under sticks and another making the team play better. The two are key players in their plans and seeing them start is the best news they could receive after the irruptions of Valverde Y Rodrygo. White hopes for this season pass largely through his hands and feet and in Madrid the illusion grows to see the two Red Devils raising the white club again to the top.

(More information: Courtois: “I never lost confidence or doubted myself, I know what I'm worth”)



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