Toni Kroos celebrates a goal with Germany

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Toni Kroos he went out again, but this time with the selection of Germany. It was this Saturday in his country's victory against Belarus. The midfielder of Real Madrid, which is one of the most respected and fundamental figures for Joachim Löw, a great game was scored in which he scored a double. Something unusual about him, because of his position, but that perfectly tells the moment in which he is going through.

This season is at a great level, for many the best of his entire career. Without reaching thirty (he will turn 30 in January) he is the leader of the German team and one of the axes of Real Madrid. A commander in the midfield of both teams, who has been respected after going through one of the most difficult years (if not the most) of his career. But Kroos has regained the hunger to win and is like a shot.

This summer Kroos acknowledged that he mentally needed a season like last to plug in again. After winning everything with Madrid for four years, in 2018/2019 he gave a level downturn. Many pointed to him as one of the great culprits of the white sinking and even some voices were asking for his exit. But in the club they trusted him and Zidane, on his return, he reaffirmed it.

Toni Kroos celebrates a goal with Germany


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Kroos is more eager than ever and has again shown that it is essential in Madrid. In addition, the emergence of Fede Valverde, a more physical player who performs with great effort in defense, has freed him. Now Kroos shines brighter and brings out its quality and power in the offensive zone more easily. This season already has six goals: three with Madrid and three with Germany. Numbers that had never been seen before since the summer of 2014 was signed by the group of Chamartin.

He is one of the seven players of Madrid that overcomes the 1,000 minute barrier. He has only lost two games that season. The first, due to physical problems, was that of Majorca (party that, by the way, lost Madrid) and the second, by rest, against the Eibar. Until his injury, it was next to Casemiro the only one who was playing everything.

Kroos celebrates a goal with Real Madrid

Kroos celebrates a goal with Real Madrid


Because this Kroos has gas and ambition. The marshal who was needed and that Madrid understood that it was impossible to find in the market has returned. There is no other like him and that is why assuming his departure after a bad year was almost a suicide. Now nobody doubts his future, while he is more bound than ever to this Madrid.

Kroos, who five years ago arrived in Madrid in exchange for only 25 million euros, has become one of the great successes of this directive. His respect after a bad season has proved right to those, like Zidane, who said that they still had to maintain confidence in this group. There is Kroos for a while.



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