Luka Modric pressed by an Eibar player

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He Real Madrid he's back. In recent weeks, whites have dissipated all the ghosts that swarmed around the team and have begun to establish the pillars of the new project. The positive results have begun to develop consecutively and Zidane He seems to have found the game key, something that looked like a utopia a month ago.

The season is only in the first phase, but the white coach has already begun to show glimpses to strengthen a successful team. Defensive problems were being one of the biggest headaches in Concha Espina, as it was very difficult for Real Madrid to leave his goal to zero, despite curdling a good game.

This could be seen in matches like the one that Madrid players played against Pomegranate on day 18 of the league championship. The players curdled a good game before the selection stop, even reaching 3-0 on the scoreboard. However, Madrid ended up asking for the time and the Nasrid team about to set aside the contest in the Santiago Bernabeu With a tight 3-2 finish.

This trend turned the meringue team into a weak and fissured team, which was extremely easy to create danger. A situation that urgently required changes and solutions, and that Zidane seems to have encountered. The victory in Ipurua (0-4) It may be the definitive proof that Real Madrid is a team made in defense, something that is explained in four keys.

Ball defense

Whites showed against the Eibar They are no longer the team that turned the matches into a round-trip correcalles. Now Madrid is the one who marks the times of the game against its rivals and possession has become a double-edged sword in favor of merengues interests, both to attack and to defend.

Luka Modric pressed by an Eibar player

Zidane has always been in favor of the ball being the protagonist of his game idea, something common in many teams at the offensive level, but that Real Madrid is also using as a method to protect himself. With this he manages to have the optimal pause and speed for each moment of the game, disconnecting the rivals in frantic moments. Midfielders and centrals are key pieces in this task, as they are responsible for moving the ball from behind.

Patience in rival pressure

The first minutes for a team away from home are always complicated. Rivals go to extra-motivated games before their audience and visitors should try to protect themselves until the crash stabilizes. This was lived in Eibar and Real Madrid again demonstrated the temper with which it is managing the pressure of rival teams.

Sergio Ramos celebrates with his teammates his penalty goal at Eibar

Sergio Ramos celebrates with his teammates his penalty goal at Eibar


Patience is the mother of the virtues in a football team and those of Zidane must manage to head any game scenario ahead of the decisive phase of the season that will arrive in just a few months.

Game in opposite field

“The best defense is a good attack.” Or that is what has always rumbled in the oldest stadiums of European football. Madrid has appropriated this expression to make it their own and demonstrate how the team can defend themselves with the ball and attacking at the same time.

Karim Benzema defends the ball from an Eibar player

Karim Benzema defends the ball from an Eibar player


Zidane knows that he has quality players to develop a touch football, attractive and offensive, with great associative capacity; An example of this is the lead, with great pins like Karim Benzema or Eden Hazard, who understood each other perfectly in Ipurua. This makes it possible for whites to stay longer outside their field and reduce the offensive options of rival teams.

Orderly Deployment

One of the biggest keys that have made Real Madrid lead five consecutive games unbeaten, leaving the goal to zero in all of them, has been the connection between Fede Valverde Y Casemiro In the center of the field. Both players are a talisman part of the recent success of Real Madrid and Zidane does not raise an eleven without them.

Fede Valverde celebrates his first official goal with Real Madrid

Fede Valverde celebrates his first official goal with Real Madrid


Charrúa and Brazilian are the glue of the white set. The two allow the team to make an orderly withdrawal when they lose the ball, shining especially in the coverages to other teammates who join the attack; as the case of Carvajal, Marcelo or Mendy.

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