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Valdano spoke to the microphone of The transistor from Zero Wave, where he thought about the words of Marcelo in The Players Tribune, where he related an episode of anxiety that he lived before the game of Kiev of the end of the Champions League in front of Liverpool.

The Brazilian side spoke in that letter about the comment of Valdano, who related him to Salah, Liverpool player. “I think Marcelo should buy a poster of Mohamed Salah, put it on his wall and pray for him every night, “said the Argentine, former player of the Real Madrid.

Marcelo's response

“After 12 years and 3 Champions trophies, I disrespected this way on live television. This comment was meant to sink me. But it gave me a lot of motivation, “Marcelo continued in his statement, referring to Valdano.

Now, the Argentine, who was on the board of Madrid and was a player, responded in The Transistor: “I was surprised by Marcelo's words. I gave him a compliment and a joke. He misunderstood the joke. There is no intention. I don't think he heard the whole sentence.”

Hazard Expectations

Valdano did not want to pass the game against him Betis this Saturday, where he expressly spoke of the new star signing of Real Madrid, Eden Hazard, and what he hopes this can give the white set.

“You expect Hazard to win a game from nowhere. The important thing is to improve physically,” said the Argentine on the radio about the Belgian, who has not yet found a good pace in Madrid.

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