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Valverde is not a Pogba of 'low cost'. He is a very young player who has a lot of future and also present. But it's not Pogba, “he sentenced Zinedine Zidane in the press conference prior to the meeting of the day 12 from The league in front of Real Betis. The French coach is no stranger to the level jump that Fede Valverde has taken this season. But he is also an accomplice of his words throughout the summer and, once again, has been carried away by the charms of Paul Pogba.

Zidane went back to show in public his interest in leading the French midfielder in his team making it clear that he does not have to do without one to count on the other. The French coach was responsible for ditching the comparison that has emerged between the two in the last week. And being true that they are two different players, their words were a new nod towards the board to fulfill their request.

Zinedine Zidane: “I don't have to do anything for Bale to stay, he's with us”

Summer dream

The spine is still in the same place since this summer and Zizou does not plan to stop trying to remove it. The Real Madrid coach loves Paul Pogba and insisted about his figure in each press conference of this preseason. The name of the Manchester United midfielder did not disappear until September 2 with the possibility of hitting the international market table.

With the English team enrolled in an exorbitant sum of millions and without too much pressure from the player, Pogba continues to wear the 'Red Devils' jacket. At least it will until January. Because although there is no possibility of assuming signing now, your name It has not completely disappeared from Zidane's interventions before the press.

Fede Valverde ready to hit the ball in the match against Leganés


The need for midfielders

The reality is that the hiring of Paul Pogba remains, more than a whim, a necessity. He Real Madrid It has only four pure midfielders, because Isco and James Rodríguez They are not prepared to play in positions more delayed to the midpoint. So there are two holes to double the 4-3-3 positions that Zidane likes so much.

In addition, the reality is that the years go by Luka modric. So you will also have to face a movement to replace the Croatian shortly. While it is true that Fede Valverde is running for his high level for his position, the signing of a player of proven level like the French would mean a category break in the core.

Paul Pogba, afflicted on the grass

Paul Pogba, afflicted on the grass


Zidane's words

The French technician betrays his words. Those who follow a press conference after a Zidane press conference know that the Frenchman does not give words to any signatures, as long as he is not particularly interested. His “is not in my team so I can not talk about him” or “I count on the players of my squad, not with those who are not” are more than recurring to the names that appear in the press.

But when Zizou wants to press for a desired player, he talks about it without problems. As also in the case of Mbappé, with Pogba, he never avoids answering about his level. The Real Madrid coach wants to train the French midfielder at some point and will continue to push for that dream to come true at some point.

Although Zidane's words also clarify how satisfied he is with Fede Valverde, the reality is that the coach's claim with the Manchester United player is to arrive at Real Madrid sooner rather than later. The rumors will return to the fore during the winter market after the Frenchman is having continuity problems in England.

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