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The player of Real Madrid Vinicius Jr. declared on Monday in the program 'Star Field' from the television channel of the club that feels it has “a special connection” with the French striker Karim Benzema.

When referring to his teammates Vinicius commented: “Marcelo always advises me on what I should do on and off the field. He makes a lot of jokes and everything is fine by his side. With Karim (Benzema) I feel I have a special connection and I learn from him. Before the games talk to me and tell me what I have to do for the team. “

Recalling his signing for Real Madrid, he said: “Real Madrid thought it was not true. Newspapers talked and I didn't know anything. The Real Madrid proposal came and I had to choose in two days. My father told me that I chose with my heart. In Brazil there is nothing similar to what Madrid has: the city, the Santiago Bernabéu, the players … “

Vinicius: “With Benzema I feel I have a special connection”

“The day of my presentation I was a little nervous because I had to speak in Spanish and I had not studied yet. Ronaldo came to Madrid just to be with me in my presentation at the Santiago Bernabéu. He is a football legend and that was one of the days happiest of my life, “he added.

He also recalled its beginnings: “All the things I do on the field I learned now playing futsal. As a child I wanted to learn and evolve forever. I debuted with 16 years in Flamengo and it was very important to enjoy that moment. I owe everything to my family. I wanted to help them and they could be by my side. “

He also recalled the injury he suffered in the Champions League: “It was a very sad day. I was playing very well, I got injured and we also lost. It was a very difficult day for me, my family and the team. I could not help at that time Now I am working with the coach and he tells me to be calm because things are going to come out. “

Thank god and family

On the fans of Real Madrid, he said: “Having that connection and proximity with the fans is a very good thing. They know that I can be one of the best in Madrid, that I am young and that I am very happy.”

“OER. I always have to give thanks to God and my family. My family is everything to me and when they are happy, I am too. I think I can infect all the people who live around me and that is why they want me a lot, “he said.

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