Wenger bundles her with a hard comment about Hazard's weight since arriving in Madrid

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Eden Hazard has started to boot with the Real Madrid. Although for now they are not accompanying the goals – he only wears a white one – in recent games he has left good feelings and looks finer when it comes to facing his rivals. However, the Belgian striker continues to suffer brutal criticism and the most recent has come from a figure in the world of football: Arsene Wenger.

The French coach, who has been without a team since leaving Arsenal in 2018, valued Hazard's form on English television, ensuring he got “too heavy” to Madrid and is still far from his ideal weight.

“I feel that we have not yet seen the danger we have known in England with Hazard. He is not physically well after being injured. He is not a player who particularly impressed me for anything, but he lacks the same confidence he had in the Chelsea, “he said about the white '7'.

Your criticized comment

On whether the reason may be in his change of life to Madrid he said the following: “I don't think it's that kind of people, I think it was more due to physical reasons. He came too heavy, as we read in the newspapers. 'If you want for a horse to lose a race, it is enough to put an extra kilos of 500 kilos' “.

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