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The Real Madrid face the Christmas break with some needs for the winter market that will open in just over a week. Apart from incorporations, which Zidane has publicly 'discarded' by denying that any signing is needed, the targets will have two movements in terms of exits. And is that Brahim and Mariano, are outside the team.

Both Brahim and Mariano have not enjoyed Zidane's confidence during the entire first round. The French coach has prepared his new project without requiring the collaboration of Malaga and the Hispanic-Dominican, which has left them without a place in the first team's squad.

These are two players who maintain a good cartel in the European market, since one is an emerging jewel, still of great value for his youth, and another a striker with a scoring nose that astonished Europe during his season in the Lyon Olympique. Conditions that make Madrid can give them an exit in the next market that will open on January 1.

Mariano's departure

Mariano's case is the most complicated of the two, since he is the only player of the first Real Madrid squad that has not yet debuted this season. Something that was predictable in summer, when Zidane told him that he did not have him for his new project and the attacker tried to hold on to his post to try to reverse his situation.

He has had no luck in his attempt to claim and will be released as in January, as revealed by his own agent. “It will go on loan for two seasons, although we have not yet decided which club will do it,” said the representative David Aranda in statements to the Italian web portal Laroma24.it.

Mariano with Real Madrid.


In the offices of the Santiago Bernabéu, it is not ruled out that his departure could end in a sale operation. Real Madrid disbursed 21.50 million euros for Mariano's return to the club in the summer of 2018, so it is not difficult for the white team to make a profit on their investment if they decide to sell it.

The biggest problem that exists to certify its sale to another club is the record that the striker currently has. Mariano enjoys an annual salary of about 5 million euros net per year; a figure hardly acceptable by many clubs that might be interested in their services.

One of the teams that has come closest to the Hispanic-Dominican striker is Espanyol. The parakeets look for a new successor of Borja Iglesias in Barcelona, ​​after the ram will leave for Betis the last summer. However, the removal of Machin It has cooled the operation, as it was a request of the technician.

An assignment for Brahim

Brahim Díaz's situation is very different. The midfielder has no place in the squad, nor minutes to continue to exploit his potential, but in the club they consider him a future bet and will not get rid of him in any way in the winter market. In fact, its departure in the form of a transfer is not contemplated. 17 million euros were invested in it and the operation is considered positive.

Real Madrid's plan with Malaga is to certify its departure in January with a transfer operation. The player is still only 20 years old and last season he already showed quality details to take into account for the coming years, so he needs to have continuity away from Concha Espina.

Brahim Díaz trains with Real Madrid

Brahim Díaz trains with Real Madrid


Precisely, last season Brahim won at Real Madrid with a final straight in the championship in which he accumulated great performances. Very remembered is that of Getafe, where the player proved to have wicker to be an important piece in the future of the white team.

This course has only played 40 minutes, divided into four games, but that has not made the clubs interest in it disappear. In fact, it has been related to Seville, Espanyol, Getafe, Valladolid and Mallorca. However the Alaves It is the strongest team that could bid with him in the coming weeks.

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