Five news you should know about Real Madrid before bedtime (12/27/2019)

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Thus comes the news of Friday, December 27:

Neither Bale nor Ramos will play in China: the Government puts an end to the Super League and millionaire signings

Asian football is not going through its best moment after the decision to establish a salary cap in the championship. Read the full story >>

A break to convince Zidane: Jovic prepares to resurface in January

The Serbian striker has barely enjoyed prominence during the first round and in the coming weeks he will have to step forward. Read the full story >>

The Wolverhampton truncates the progression of Jesús Vallejo: Real Madrid considers its future

The center has 12 meetings without counting for Nuno Espírito Santo, has no minutes and sees his presence in the Olympic Games in danger. Read the full story >>

Pablo Laso's Real Madrid sweeps and beats his annual victory record before the Classic

The whites have achieved 68 wins, in the absence of the El Clasico next Sunday; one more than in 2018. Read the full story >>

Madrid achieves a victory in the opening day of LaLiga Promises

The white team must go for all in the next phase if you want to get the pass for the next phase. Read the full story >>



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