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Gareth Bale He has left behind the difficult start of the season he faced with criticism after injuring himself with his team and his alleged lack of commitment to the club that was actually a criticism for the persecution he is suffering from a part of the press.

The Welshman started in the Camp Nou where he was about to give the team victory with his goal that a few centimeters from VAR They canceled him. Little by little he is recovering his best version and Zidane He stressed that he has him as one of the team and that he is an important player for the squad.

The last to be accurate with the state of Bale has been his coach Ryan Giggs. The former player of Manchester United, in an interview in Sky sportsHe stressed that the white player “loves football, loves to win and loves to score goals”, despite everything that is said about him.

Gareth Bale controls a ball by high


Pressure management

“Everything else is noise that you can't control and it's about blocking it,” explains a very satisfied Giggs to have him for selection. “If you don't listen, it won't affect you,” the Welsh coach added. “Gareth Bale is in one of the biggest clubs in the world, he won four Champions League, an experience that has served to manage all the pressure, “said the coach of the selection that will be in the next Eurocup.

Precisely on that goal he also spoke in the same interview and was satisfied but not happy at all because he has a greater ambition. “I want to manage the selection to take it to the Eurocup, but beyond that is the World Cup. The last time we were in 1958, I want to take you to world“specified Giggs.

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