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The coach of Welsh Ryan Giggs has defended Gareth Bale after the soccer player of Real Madrid I was in the center of the controversy after posing with a flag that said: “Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order.” The controversial incident occurred after his selection obtained his ticket for the 2020 Euro Cup.

The scene was not well received by Real Madrid, who booed and whistled at Bale was when he entered from the bench against the Real society A few days later. After the Eurocopa draw. Giggs downplayed the incident and defended his striker: “I don't know if Gareth had anything to do with it, he was obviously there, but I think he talked too much,” said the former player of the Manchester United.

“It was a special night for Gareth. He gave an assist in what was his second game in three days. He hadn't been playing, so that's due to his physicality and professionalism.”

Gareth Bale pressed by Lucas Perez


Giggs said Bale's situation is not ideal: “I want all my players to play, it's as simple as that, so when they come to the concentration you don't have to catch up with the physical form,” Giggs said. “You don't have to worry about bringing them or not after playing 60 or 70 minutes,” he added.

“Where they play I don't care. I always want them to be playing in good clubs and, obviously, Gareth is in one of the biggest in the world,” he argued.

“It has been the case that in the last concentrations he has not played (at club level), but he has done brilliantly with us due to his ability, physical condition and passion,” he said. “I want my players to appear fit and that includes Gareth,” he concluded.

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