Real Madrid - Barça of the last Classic

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Jose Guirao, acting minister of Culture and Sports, said Tuesday that for a match between the Real Madrid and the Barcelona “You always have to be careful” and he was convinced that The classic on December 18 in the Camp Nou It will develop with “normality.”

Barcelona and Real Madrid will play on December 18 the meeting postponed by the riots that occurred in the streets of Barcelona after the ruling of the Supreme Court in relation to the call 'procés'.

Real Madrid – Barça of the last Classic


“A Barcelona – Real Madrid is always a match with which you have to take a general care, but for what may happen outside I hope it develops normally and stays in the field of competition,” said Guirao at the gala the daily awards ACE.

'Indepe' threat

The acting minister did not want to assess the warnings of the platform Democratic Tsunami and the possible actions they could take because they believe it would be “to magnify a possibility.” “I am convinced that the clubs will do everything possible and everything around to make this what it is, a great football game,” he said.

Sports Law

Finally, José Guirao spoke of the main objective of the following legislature in relation to the possible approval of the new Sports Law.

“Hopefully I can leave by consensus and with the satisfaction of the entire sports world, that that would be the most important. And that it will last because the previous law is from 1990 and the laws are made for a long time and that would be a good sign” he concluded.

(More information: Tsunami Democràtic announces a march in Barcelona for the day of El Clásico)



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