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The Real Madrid enjoy your days off before returning to work with your head on the next commitment of The league against him Getafe. A few days before the end of 2019, Zidane He does it with a good taste and with the duties done after having solved a difficult start to the season. The carburetor equipment and the philosophy of the French technician has been implanted again.

The first premise of the Zidane coach is to have the whole team. It does not have 11 holders, but 16, 17, 18, etc. In recent weeks it has been noticed more than ever since he returned to occupy the white bench. His plan to win La Liga involves having the entire staff plugged in and has taken care of it little by little. The end of the year has brought several surprises in the form of players re-connected to the dynamic.


Of not entering several lists to finish the title and matching his fight with Rodrygo. Vinicius He kept going downhill from the beginning of the season until he reached a point of being a usual discard in every game. There was talk of assignments, that Rodrygo had overtaken him on the right, but Zidane had a plan with him. He gave him his confidence and let him know that the only way to retell was work and thus his opportunity came.

So he reached the last game of the season against Athletic in which he finished as a starter and reminding Vinicius that he saw last season. His duel in the rotation is more even than ever with Rodrygo. Vinicius counts and Zidane promises to continue giving him opportunities.

Isco and Messi, in El Clasico 2019/2020



From forgotten to fixed piece in the great games of Real Madrid. About Isco It seemed a miracle, because few bet it would be important again. Zidane did. Suddenly and threw him headline against the PSG, returning to 4-4-2 in rhombus and since then that scheme, with the malagueño in it, was reinstated in the big appointments as The classic.

Isco is not just a matter of trust and it has also seen the hours of work he has put in his 'return'. Physically, he is incredible and is again that Isco that brings a lot of pressure.


Of mere relief of Marcelo to improve before your injury. Zidane wanted someone to fight with the Brazilian for ownership and bet in summer for Ferland Mendy, even if that meant the assignment of Reguilón to the Seville. Mendy has gone from less to more. In the first games he looked nervous and inaccurate and little by little that layer of fear has been removed, to some extent, and has been released.

He has benefited from Marcelo's injuries, but it must be said in favor of Mendy that, in his current form, his partner's ownership would be very expensive. He is a dagger in the band and although he still needs some pause he is demonstrating that with him there can be lateral for many years.

Militao presses Emmanuel Dennis

Militao presses Emmanuel Dennis



From being without minutes to count more than ever in December. Militao He fell into oblivion of Zidane for weeks or so it seemed. But the Brazilian found in December his source of minutes that he needed so much with up to three titles in six games. Your coach has verified that it is a guarantee center and a relief to be taken into account to Bouquets Y Varane and thus give a break to the center of his rear. In 2020 their opportunities will continue to go further and, for starters, they will surely play Getafe again for the sanction of Ramos.



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