Queiroz, coach of Iran. Photo. fifa.com

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The situation of James Rodriguez at Real Madrid It is not simple. The player is on the sidelines of the group due to injury, but before this he had already lost prominence in recent weeks. His future in the white house is getting darker, while it is discovered that he was advised to leave the club last summer.

As he has revealed Carlos Antonio Vélez in your audio column 'Big words', which the main Colombian media have echoed, Carlos Queiroz he told James that the best for his future and for the Colombian national team it was that he was looking for a way out of Real Madrid. This happened last summer.

Queiroz, coach of Iran. Photo. fifa.com

Then James Rodriguez returned to Santiago Bernabeu after having played the last two seasons, as assigned, in the Bayern Munich. There were many rumors that placed him so much in the orbit of the Atlético de Madrid as of Naples, among others, but once the transfer market for the summer period was over, the coffee maker continued in the merengues ranks.

James's wish

From Colombia they point out that the midfielder decided to continue at Real Madrid, despite the advice of Queiroz, for his great enthusiasm: to become a pillar and legend of the white club. I didn't even know that I didn't have, in principle, the favor of Zidane They took him to lower his arms. But their lack of minutes together before being injured again triggered the alarms.

Rumors about a possible fly back to the now '16' merengue. James has half a year to fight for his dream or to be able to definitively leave the club where he always wanted to be and succeed. Suitors will not be missing, since since Italy, England or even the PSG They would welcome their arrival.

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