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Junior Vinicius has started to lift his head in the Real Madrid. After a start of the gray season in which he has barely counted for Zidane and has been left out of several calls, in recent weeks seems to have taken a turn to his situation again having minutes on the team.

The Brazilian has always been an important bet for the future of the white club. In the dome of Madrid they fully trusted their faculties, despite the doubts that could arise on the pitch. It was a different player, special and touched by a magic wand that made him leave Brazil with galactic blackbird poster.

Last season was the great revelation of the team with Solari on the merengue bench. The striker took advantage of the most adverse situation of Real Madrid in the last decade, with the white set on the tightrope and no possibility of titles in March, to throw the team behind and lead their teammates.

Vinicius congratulates Rodrygo for his goal to Bruges


His situation on the roster suffered a setback this summer with the signing of Eden Hazard. The Belgian landed in Concha Espina to monopolize the offensive prominence in the left wing, the zone of action of the Brazilian. Something that left him in a complicated position to have minutes.

In recent weeks he has managed to reverse his situation and has gone from not being in the Zidane calls to re-wrap the elastic of Real Madrid. The Brazilian has had minutes after the last stop of selections and has played 158 minutes as a starter against Spanish and Witches. Two matches in which he again showed another image on the pitch.

Belgian confirmation in Bruges

Precisely against the Bruges in Champions managed to see goal. It was not his best game with the Real Madrid shirt; In fact, he was disconnected from the team on many occasions. However, he got the most important thing: goal. The young striker saw goal, that which suffers so much during most of his performances.

Vinicius Junior is ahead of two Bruges players

Vinicius Junior is ahead of two Bruges players


This goal has served to free himself from the pressure and continue his silent work path at Real Madrid. So he has managed to convince Zidane in recent weeks since Valdebebas, and he wants to do it from the Santiago Bernabéu. His coach has already publicly confirmed that he does not demand goals, which means that the player can gain freedom when working.

A key point in favor of Vinicius is how he has faced the final stretch of the year. The former of Flamengo I knew that I had a key month with Hazard's loss and the team's high game load. Something about what you have not disappointed to try to win a position.

The club and its surroundings have always trusted him and recommended that he continue working in silence. Something that in the end has had a prize and that will be important for next year, where the rotations will continue to play a role in the dynamics of Zidane.

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