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Next Wednesday, December 18 Real Madrid will visit the Camp Nou. It will be the first confrontation with the Barça since it landed in Concha Espina there for the month of March. A match in which the coach will seek to get a good result with which to keep the white team at the top of the table in their fight for La Liga.

Zidane He knows that it is not just any match. Real Madrid did not come out victorious in the Classics played in 2019 and for the team it would be important to offer a good image and hit the table at 'Camp Barça'.

One of the great keys that will pass the team's options to reap a good result is the core. The entire epicenter of the French game idea goes through the core, so that the configuration of this will be transcendental to get imposed on Barcelona with the ball.

Zidane's great doubt revolves around the system to be used in the match. Shuffle two options: its iconic 4-3-3 with the one that reigned in Europe or the 4-4-2 cash that has given such good results. Two options in which the difference lies in using or not using a fourth midfielder.

Ruben Duarte presses Luka Modric


This dilemma has been produced by the good moment in a way that crosses Luka modric, who puts the difficult things to his technician with his plethoric state of form. The Croatian has recovered his best version and against Bruges he again showed his agility of reflexes to dominate the ball and medulla with his hierarchy.

Isco, Modric and a job

The '10' competes directly with Isco in 4-4-2, since Fede Valverde It is untouchable in any system. The Malaga also has his best moment of the last two seasons and has regained Zidane's confidence. Against him PSG He was one of the best in the team and every time he has been finer in the left zone, free to have the ball and deepen the attack.

Isco presses Vlietinck

Isco presses Vlietinck


The two will not play together under any circumstances, since Valverde will be of the game with Kroos and Casemiro. The three form the hard core of the spinal cord, providing physical work and arrival from the second line.

In the case of 4-3-3, neither would have a place, although Modric starts with some minimum options of having minutes in that system. Isco would fragment the lines too much and the team would lose physical consistency with an overly creative trivote.

The probability that the one who does not play at the beginning, has minutes in the second part, increases as the Classic approaches. Zidane will have on the bench a revulsive for his spinal cord. The question is whether it will be Modric or Isco.

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