Varane celebrates his goal for Espanyol

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Varane faces his eighth season in the Real Madrid and he does it with only 26 years. In 2011 he landed in the white club from the Lens. A signing that came at the express request of Zidane when Mourinho was on the bench and closed at 10 million euros plus bonus. Gervais Martel, president of the French club by then, has spoken in an interview with RMC Sport About that operation.

“They will call you Zidane and Mourinho. Other teams called later, offering much more, but when I give my word, I give it. They were 10 million more bonus,” Martel said of the signing of the French central Madrid.

Precisely he talked about those bonuses he signed with Madrid and how the whites paid another that, at first, was not agreed: “They had won the Champions League twice and there was a bonus. The third year there was no bonus (but) but I thought of send an email to Madrid. 'Listen, it's true that the contract says …' I sent it to him and he paid it to us. That's kind, “he revealed.

Varane celebrates his goal for Espanyol


Varane's priorities

Martel also told how Varane postponed a conversation with a club (they were also interested Arsenal and PSG) for preparing his exams well: “Varane was going to take a selectivity exam. He was eating alone and I told him that a club would call him. 'At noon I have the oral exam, so I will do my best and then we'll talk,' he said.” .

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