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The big question left by the end of 2019 in Madrid is the lack of a goal. The Real Madrid has finished this year with three draws in a row and a single goal scored in these matches. The few certainties surrounding the attack have left palpable that Karim Benzema It is not worth only to lead the team to success, which needs company. And in this first part of the season he has not had it.

While it is true that Real Madrid has reason to be happier than angry with his team after he leaves this Christmas break in second place in League, with a big improvement palpable in terms of the image for the game and the results, the appearances of Fede Valverde Y Rodrygo Goes and the recovery of Isco.

Benzema shoots at goal with an Athletic player in front


With all that good news, the perfection of the Zidane team would come to solve the goal deficit that, above all, the extremes and the substitute striker present. For it, Zinedine Zidane He made it clear that he would not go to the transfer market to reinforce the white attack.

The reality is that the team, if no player comes out, has all the chips occupied. So, leaving the coach's opinion aside, I could not quantitatively solve it without a sale. But there are two compelling reasons why the Frenchman does not want to assume no new arrival To merengue costumes.

Hazard's recovery

This December Zidane suffered a major setback when he lost due to injury to Eden Hazard a few weeks from The classic and of matches as momentous as those played by the white team in this last month of 2019. His recovery was complicated and, when it seemed that he would recover before that game of the Camp Nou, his return would be delayed until 2020. The Belgian is working in order to return for the Spain Supercup in the second week of January.

Hazard leaves the pitch helped by the doctors of Real Madrid

Hazard leaves the pitch helped by the doctors of Real Madrid


His season so far was going from less to more, a natural trend in a Hazard that he confessed in an interview that in summer used to be quite careless and that was the reason why he was always growing throughout the campaign. The same happens with his successful scorer, which usually increases when the months of the season pass.

The Belgian, in one of his best scoring seasons of his career with the Chelsea, 2017/2018, scored nine of his 17 goals after the new year. And it is usually decisive in the great finals, which is the part of the season where they are played. For example, that same season scored the victory goal for the London team to lift the FA Cup in front of Manchester United. More of the same happened with the Europa League before him Arsenal, in which he left with two goals.

Bale, decisive

Lighter is the example in Gareth Bale. The Welsh has passed all those doubts about his commitment to Real Madrid, he recovered from the physical problems that he dragged with the Welsh national team and completed a great match against Barça in which he started and in which only the VAR prevented him from giving victory to the whites.

Gareth Bale pushes the ball into the net but the goal was canceled by a previous offside

Gareth Bale pushes the ball into the net but the goal was canceled by a previous offside


If we talk about being decisive, the example of the end of the Champions League from Kiev of 2018 before the Liverpool It is definitive. The British striker scored two goals and undid the tie to give him the 13th. But it was not the first time since he also saw goal in the final of the Tenth in front of Atlético de Madrid and was responsible for whites raising the Copa del Rey that same year with the historic gallop beating Marc Bartra.

But it also complies with the law of marking more in the second part of the season. In 2017/2018, Bale scored 17 of his 21 goals from January. The same happened in 2015/2016, where the Welshman scored 11 of the 19 after Christmas. One more reason to believe that the recovery of the British is another incentive for the team keep improving around the break.

Zidane blindly bets on both of them. Hazard and Bale's goals, added to the hopes that the Frenchman has also put on Luka Jovic and to the intermittent contributions of the two young Brazilian promises, Vinicius and Rodrygo, are the incentives used by the French coach before the pressure from the outside so that Real Madrid incorporates some more striker.

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