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First game of the week for the team led by Pablo Laso. He Real Madrid receive in WiZink Center to the Olympiacos Greek, in the crash corresponding to day 13 of the Euroleague.

A match for which the merengue team is a big favorite according to the odds of the bookmaker Betsson. To two options, the victory of Real Madrid is paid at 1.12 euros. That is, if you put 100 into play, you can win a total of 112. If you choose the box of Greece, you can multiply by 5.60 your bet.

If the points of the two teams add more than 162 points at the end of the game you can multiply your bet by 1.70. The following fees are for 163 points (1.77); 164 (1.85); 165 (1.94) and 166 (2.05). If instead you think that Real Madrid and Olympiacos did not reach 162 points between the two, the fee is 2.08.

The staff of Madrid, during a timeout in a Euroleague match

Play the points

Will the match end the total sum of points between the two teams with even or odd figures? The quota for both the even figure is 1.88 and the same for the odd one. Same share of 1.88 regardless of whether the points end up adding an even or odd number in each of the four quarters.



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