Zidane in his stage as a Madrid player

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Zinedine Zidane arrived at Real Madrid, club in which he retired, in 2001 after his stage in the Juventus after being champion in the Eurocup. The coach of the white team has granted an interview to UEFA.com in which he has analyzed his stage as a player.

The Frenchman was asked about how he faced the Euro 2000 after participating in the Eurocup 1996 and win the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France. “We were world champions, so we felt quite strong. The feelings were very positive,” he said.

The coach acknowledged that they have a “more mature” team and all were two years older and the players played “in the best clubs in Europe.” “We arrived with confidence and it could be noticed from the beginning to the end of the tournament,” he added.

Zidane in his stage as a Madrid player


When asked if he felt that the European Championship could be more difficult than the World Cup, he replied that it was “just the opposite.” “I don't want to sound pretentious, we knew it was going to be a difficult tournament, but we were confident. We were a much better team than the 98. We felt we were a much stronger team. And we made a better tournament, from less to more, it was perfect, “he said.

About the quarterfinal match against Spain, he confessed that it was “a complicated game” and that “all parties at that level are”. However, he said they controlled the game and were “always ahead, which is important.” “It's a tournament where you have to get ahead. But Spain has always had great teams and that was it. I have great memories,” he confirmed.

On top of football

“I was 12 in 1984. I was in Marseille, in the match we won 3-2 against Portugal. The match was incredible. He had everything and I remember it perfectly because he was in the stadium,” he said about the match between France and Portugal from 1984.

Finally, he acknowledged that after being champion of the European Championship he felt at the top: “In football terms yes, because in 2001 I raised my football level. I was 28 years old and a year later I went to Real Madrid. I had done everything in football. I knew that then I only had one year left in the national team. But I had been world champion and European champion. You play to live those moments. “

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