Fede Valverde fights with Renan Lodi for a ball

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17 years ago in Montevideo a child dreamed that the Santiago Bernabeu He chanted his name and cheered. That boy, now with 21 springs, is the MVP of the end of the Spain Supercup. Fede Valverde It is one of the last major irruptions in the world of football and now it has established itself as a vital piece in the Real Madrid from Zinedine Zidane.

Doris, Fede's mother, confessed her son's dream a few days ago in a newspaper interview BRAND. Valverde maintains the same humility and simplicity of that child who played football in the streets of the Uruguayan capital.

Reserved and shy, his great professional moment also extends to the personal. For a year he has shared his life with the Argentine journalist Bonino Mine with which you will have your first child. That child, who will be born between February and March and will be called Benicio, has not come with a bread under the arm but with a Super Cup and an MVP award.

Fede Valverde fights with Renan Lodi for a ball


Valverde is not a youth player, but he can be considered 'raised' in Valdebebas after passing through Castile. It arrived in 2016 from Peñarol and then did the mili in the Sports, where he was assigned in the 2017/2018 season.

'The Little Bird', a nickname he does not like, has not stopped growing since then. He tells that it was a coach who put that nickname because he said he “flew over the field” when he was little. A feature that keeps today, as demonstrated in the final against the Athletic.

Your discoverer, Néstor Gonçalves, affirms that “with 9 years it was so good that I had to hide it”. The reason was none other than Peñarol could not yet sign Fede Valverde for legal issues with age and that's why he spent a few months unable to play on any team. Finally, Gonçalves got his way and ended up signing for the aurinegro club.

Your great opportunity

One of the great 'beneficiaries' with the dismissal of Lopetegui Last year was Fede Valverde. The midfielder had not entered the technician's plans and had a testimonial presence at his premiere in the first squad.

After, after the arrival of SolariHe climbed several steps in the rotation, but it was with Zidane that he made the big jump. The Frenchman was impressed by Valverde in his first weeks after his return. Obviously he already knew more than enough the Uruguayan youth, but he saw firsthand the great progression he had had.

Real Madrid faced the Valencia on April 3, 2019 in Mestalla in a meeting corresponding to day 30 of The league. The white team was no longer in the fight for the title, but it was an important match to examine the team after Zidane's return.

Fede Valverde did not play in Mestalla, it is more was not summoned for the match. However, one of the most important conversations had taken place and will mark his career forever. Zidane approached the Uruguayan and told him that he would not travel to Valencia, then tell him that he would start in the next meeting before the Eibar.

It was not the only message that Zidane sent to Fede. In addition, the French coach assured him that he had him for next season and that he would succeed at Real Madrid. Only a few months later, that coach's prediction is already a reality.

Zidane's 'Little Bird'

It is true that Zidane insisted on the signing of Pogba, but always had 'The Little Bird'. In fact, he saw them (and sees) compatible in his Real Madrid. However, Zizou no longer thinks so much about his countryman due to the level shown by a Valverde that is no longer a promise, but one of the best midfielders in the world.

In the press conference after the final, the coach of Real Madrid said that Fede “did what he had to do” with his hard entry behind Morata. Zidane “congratulated” Valverde for his expulsion because a red card had never been so celebrated by all Real Madrid.

Valverde, after seeing the red card

Valverde, after seeing the red card


It was 115 minutes when Morata was going to stand alone against Thibaut Courtois, but, luckily for Real Madrid, a 'roadrunner' named Fede Valverde came from behind and 'hunted' the Atleti striker. Perhaps without his action, the result of the final would have been different and the cup would not be on the way to Santiago Bernabeu.

But Valverde was not MVP, appointed by a staff with the coach Luis Enrique at the head, for that kick for history, but he achieved it for his tremendous display in a high-demand match. Races, dribbles, passes and interceptions were accumulated in the statistics of a Fede that could also score the victory goal.

A kick for history

It was in the 66th minute when, with everything in favor, he failed to head a center of Jovic and ended up deflecting his own shot with the knee. He didn't have to dial to be the hero. History had kept his place even if it was with a kick.

That heart, that pride, that hunger that he demonstrated in the action on Morata defines very well the spirit that Real Madrid has recovered in recent months. Last season the team showed signs of being a group tired of winning. Fresh blood was needed and that, among others as Courtois, Mendy, Rodrygo or Vinicius, has been put by Fede Valverde.

The Uruguayan has become the best donor the team has been able to have and, in addition, has added the necessary lungs to return to 'champion'. At the beginning of the campaign, Real Madrid was a broken team and lacked balance. Zidane knew how to find in 'El Pajarito' that extra oxygen that he needed to reign already out in Spain, in Europe… or in Saudi Arabia.

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