From Mallorca to Jeddah: the keys to Real Madrid's resurgence to win titles

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In just a few months, Real Madrid has gone from being an unstable team, without any reliability, to becoming a safe bet against any rival. Almost three months without knowing the defeat and with a title under his arm, Zidane has achieved what seemed unthinkable: to reverse a limit situation in record time.

Since October 19, 2019 Real Madrid fell defeated in the League against Mallorca in Son Moix (1-0), whites have always scored or won in any competition. No rival has managed to get the meringue set to kneel and fall defeated, a merit that resides on the bench, where Zidane has been a key piece.

The French coach became questioned in office, but three months later the doubts have dissipated. The team began to carbure when they saw themselves at the edge of the abyss and began to take each game as a final: any point counts. The important thing was to regain morale and confidence, something they have finally achieved.

The Spanish Supercup is the finishing touch to the resurgence of a team that seemed beheaded and disoriented. Lost in a desert where I could not find an oasis. But everything has dissipated with the first title of 2020 and a run of 16 consecutive games without losing.

This situation has its explanation in three keys with which Zidane has cemented its new Madrid. Three pillars that he has managed to lift in the team to turn his players into a headache for his rivals.

Claw charrúa

How could it be otherwise, the intensity for which the technician at the press conference was crying to the sky at the beginning of the season is a fixed value more in their alignments. If his previous Madrid sinned from lack of blood, in the final of the Super Cup he proved to have finally recovered that nerve that keeps the teams connected to the matches.

Valverde's play with Morata in which the Uruguayan ended up ejected, sacrificing everything to support the team, proves it. They may more or less like the intentions of the charrúa, but it is football. Something that Simeone even praised after the match in which Atlético de Madrid lost a title.

A real team

This factor has been added to the Real Madrid block game. If before the targets were a sea of ​​quality and individualities that needed to be structured, now they are a team. Zidane has managed to get his players to row in the same direction and that the game unfolds almost as if it were the gear of a Swiss watch.

High pressure, recovery after loss, defensive sacrifice … Qualities that the coach has managed to make them shine in the team's game. Although there is still a long goal, the bases of the project are strengthened.

Defensive wall

And this is where the great key lies that Real Madrid has been losing almost three months, for 16 consecutive games playing against rivals such as PSG or Barça: defensive solvency. That great unknown at the beginning of the season that Zidane has managed to recover in Chamartín.

In 2020 the whites have not conceded any goal against Getafe, Valencia and Atlético de Madrid. But in December they did not do it before Barcelona at the Camp Nou. Actions that make Real Madrid the least thrashed team in La Liga, tied with Simeone, the quintessential defensive icon of the Spanish soccer elite.

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