José María Gutiérrez 'Guti', in an Almeria match

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The Almeria got its second consecutive victory in this 2020. The Andalusian team continues to progress with José María Gutiérrez to team leaders and he has attended the media after the meeting before the Oviedo, in which he debuted Lunin With not too much fortune.

In The Game of the COPE chain, the technician talked about the famous meeting between the Sheikh of Almeria and Zinedine Zidane: “Zidane was delighted to see the sheikh and I spoke with him. “For his part, he confessed that he has only coincided” three times with the sheikh “and also” in three different countries. “” I have not been to his house, “he confessed.

On the controversy between 'Guti' or José María Gutiérrez, the coach commented that “most people” still call him Guti and that he does not get angry, but makes it clear that he is “José María Gutiérrez”.

José María Gutiérrez 'Guti', in an Almeria match

Casillas and Real Madrid

The former soccer player also talked about the topic of the moment: the possible candidacy of Iker Casillas to president of the RFEF:“If Casillas presented himself to the Federation, he would vote for him, even for Madrid coach he would vote for him.” And then he went on to comment on how he sees the Real Madrid: “I look spectacular this season.”

However, he himself does not think about reaching the bench Santiago Bernabeu. “I'm a coach of Almeria and the only thing that worries me is to face Real Madrid next year.” José María Gutiérrez only thinks about the promotion to the category of Spanish football. In the furthest future it will be seen.



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