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James Rodriguez You are not seeing your expectations fulfilled. The Colombian returned to Real Madrid to stand out in the white set and get a hole in the eleven of Zinedine Zidane. However, the opposite has happened. The midfielder has enjoyed few opportunities and has had bad luck with injuries.

In the Spain Supercup, in which he was already recovered, only disputed a few minutes in the semifinal against the Valencia. However, in the final against Atlético de Madrid He remained as a substitute on the bench and did not jump to the grass in the entire commitment. In this situation, Jorge Luis Pinto, trainer of Millionaires, spoke in an interview given about the coffee maker to The VBAR from Snail Radio.

The technical director has assured that James left discipline and love for training and that, when the player stops liking training, “it's over for football.” In addition, he has considered that the Colombian striker “relaxed in that, was rushed, as in the World Cup, being semi-injured and that has affected his sports status.”

James Rodríguez trains alone in Valdebebas


Jorge Luis Pinto said that “in order for James to return to his point, he has to sacrifice more, feel more football and dedicate himself to it, because football charges us all”. “You don't leave football, football leaves you. Zidane has been very fine and I defend it because you have to live inside the group,” he said.

The only culprit is James himself

Finally, he considered that Zidane has treated him “a thousand wonders as a technician, he understood many things, before he accepted his departure and now he accepted his return.” “James has to return to his level, there is no doubt about that. James is to blame for his destiny,” he concluded.

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