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Pablo Lasocoach of Real Madrid, did not hesitate to declare that “it is fucking lost at home”, to then terminate the matter recognizing that the Anadolu Efes he won “for his greatest success”.

“It has been a very close match. Our start has been very good but we knew that they would quickly enter the game, and, in addition, they had an unbalanced player like Larkin,” Laso said. The coach was not disgusted by the game of his players.

“I have the feeling that we have improved in many aspects of the game that we have been suffering in the last month or month and a half, in rebounds and assists, but we must recover sensations,” he said.

Llull launches a basket during the Euroleague match between Real Madrid and Anadolu Efes

“The team has fought, something that is non-negotiable. And the game has been resolved in the end by the greatest success of them. It's fucking lost at home, but that's it,” he added. For the coach this defeat is acceptable. “I do not worry about losing or winning at this point in the season, although it is always important, but we must control anxiety. This happens when you have poor results and it seems that you want to fix everything in a few minutes,” he said.

Larkin's great success

“In basketball you can do things well and that the opponent do it better. The only fact is that we have thrown 6 free throws and they 23. They have known how to play with that. Larkin has had a lot of success in important moments of the game and you have to assume it, “Pablo Laso finished.

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