Operation Supercopa: Real Madrid seeks a '9' guarantee for the final against Atleti

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Real Madrid has this Sunday a high lap test against Simeone in the final of the Spanish Super Cup. Whites will be measured at Atlético de Madrid in Saudi Arabia, after having eliminated Valencia in the semifinals. A match for which Zidane has reopened the casting to replace a Benzema that is low due to injury and has been absent from the tournament.

Whites will need gunpowder in attack to subdue the Koke, Saul, Morata and company. To win the derby the team will not have the presence of Karim, Madrid's top scorer this course with 16 goals (12 of them in the League, only one of Messi who leads the Pichichi).

The absence of '9' of Real Madrid leaves Zidane in a sea of ​​doubts, especially after the offensive weight did not fall in the strikers in the last match against Valencia. The midfielders took over to score the goals the team needed and attackers like Jovic did not live up to the circumstances.

Now the coach must decide which strikers trust for the match. It seems difficult that it is more than one, since the new Madrid of the midfielders, with five pieces in the core, is shining with Isco and Modric as novelties.

Rodrygo, samba and goal

Rodrygo is today Benzema's main alternative at Real Madrid. The Brazilian has technique, overflow, stuck and knows how to associate with his teammates; conditions that resemble French as a possible alternative. You can play as fake nine and merge with the midfielders to confuse the opponent tactically.

This course is the team's second top scorer with six goals, which makes his attack weight grow even more. Against Valencia he was not a starter and could be a personal bet of Zidane for the final. Its biggest against is that it is not a nine to use as Jovic or Mariano.

Jovic, a sea of ​​doubts

Under normal conditions, without Benzema, Jovic would be the undisputed substitute as center forward. The Serbian arrived last summer to Concha Espina with this purpose: his task was to learn from French, progress and take minutes to give him rest. However, its progression is being late.

Jovic started against Valenca, as expected, although he did not shine at any time. He left many doubts in attack and opened the door to his replacement in the final. In his favor he still has a battering ram with great auction potential, which acts as an offensive reference and has a great capacity to attract rival defenses due to its size.

Mariano, the surprise?

If there is something that would surprise you, it would be owned by Mariano Díaz in the final of the Spanish Super Cup. This scenario is practically impossible, but with Zidane there is never anything certain.

The Hispanic-Dominican debuted this season against Valencia in the Super Cup with 12 minutes of play. This premiere evidenced that it is a player who does not count for 'Zizou' this season, something that the player himself knew and decided to try to reverse in summer continuing white.

The best thing that Mariano has is that it is a bet of unknown potential, since he has not had continuity in the team and it is not known what he could be capable of. He has motivation to play and is characterized by being a striker forward with ease to see goal. However, it suffers a clear lack of competitive pace, lacks the confidence of Zidane and is in the showcase of departure for this winter market.

Three players and three options to replace Benzema in attack against Atlético de Madrid, as it seems clear that Zidane will continue betting on five midfielders after the good result achieved against Valencia.



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