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No one knows how to get more out of the staff of the Real Madrid what Zinedine Zidane. The French coach knows his players like nobody else and in Jeddah He showed it again last Wednesday. His approach surprised everyone: five midfielders and one point. With that drawing, the whites overcame the casualties of Benzema, Bale Y Hazard and not only that, since they were far superior to the ches.

Zidane's latest invention worked like a charm. Your maxim is to have all your players and have them in full performance. It is what allows (or facilitates) to play with any scheme. This season we have already seen five drawings marked and different from each other. The surprise factor of this Madrid is that it can play as you want.

4-3-3: 16 games

The 4-3-3 is the most used scheme this season by Real Madrid. Three midfielders (Valverde, Casemiro Y Kroos) and an offensive trident in which Hazard and Benzema are indisputable. The injured party is Modric, who has been advanced this season by Fede, and a Isco With less room in this approach. The third piece of the white attack is for Bale, but Rodrygo Y Vinicius They fight for their place.

Marquinhos presses Eden Hazard


4-3-3 is the most direct football in Madrid. More overflow and more speed in the bands to hit their rivals. For Zidane it is the best option against teams that are not going to fight possession. Madrid has jumped into the field with this drawing in up to 15 different matches. The balance is 10 wins and five draws.

4-4-2 in rhombus: 5 matches

The rhombus has become Zidane's scheme for big dates. He did it against him PSG and it was repeated in The Classic from last December 18. For this, the French coach had to bet on Isco when nobody did. The Malaga has responded to confidence and has been up to the task after undergoing a consistent physical preparation.

Isco celebrates the goal

The rhombus teaches Madrid more qualified to dominate the game. A line of three to control the ball and the presence of Isco (and Valverde) to break the rival lines. This burning has already been used in five games with a result of two wins and three draws in high games.

4-2-3-1: 3 matches

The 4-2-3-1 was seen at the beginning of the season when the losses 'forced' Zidane to bet on James Rodriguez. The Colombian, after a whole summer on the exit ramp, appeared out of nowhere to start a handful of games. His image was good, but not that of the team. This drawing, however, did not benefit the collective. More static, Madrid suffered more and Zidane ended up forgetting this scheme. The balance was two victories and one defeat (against PSG).

James Rodríguez and Vinicius Júnior, in a Real Madrid training

James Rodríguez and Vinicius Júnior, in a Real Madrid training

4-4-2: 2 matches

The 4-4-2 in its classic expression was seen more during the first stage of Zidane on the bench in Madrid than now. Even so, this season there has been a place to watch a game with this formation. Two more delayed extremes to strengthen defensive work, being Lucas Vázquez The most benefited. Not so for Bale or Vinicius, players more focused on the area. The balance is a draw and a defeat (against Mallorca).

4-3-2-1: 1 match

The last invention of Zidane and could not go better. Casemiro, Kroos and Valverde one step behind and Modric and Isco closer to the area. Five midfielders and all of them with confidence thanks to the work of the French coach. The result was a dominant Madrid, but also with electric strokes. Only Jovic failed, disappeared at times. A match and a (great) victory.



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