Ferland Mendy controls a ball with his chest

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The gesture of Zinedine Zidane changing to Marcelo in the second half of Real MadridSeville it has been the seal that has signed the change of guard on the left white side. Last season was not comfortable or easy for the Brazilian. The ups and downs were constant and his performance put the age stones in his backpack. Even so, the return of the French coach has been a new opportunity that, at times, has returned that confidence in this campaign.

And it has been at times for the physical problems that Marcelo has suffered in the first part of the season. The injuries have caused Zidane to accelerate the transition that had to be caused between the side of the Canarinha Y Ferland Mendy. The Frenchman has taken a step forward that was confirmed with the achievement of the Spain Supercup.

The Frenchman adds a little more than 300 minutes than Marcelo in the season and the confidence that Zidane has placed in him already bears fruit. Although there are certain details that still need to be polished, Mendy tries to maintain the offensive level of the Brazilian, greater words with what he has given in the most glorious stage of Real Madrid in this XXI century. But, above all, the improvement has come in the defensive numbers.

Ferland Mendy controls a ball with his chest


The defensive bolt

For something the white coach relied on him to close the left wing against Sevilla and avoid risks during the last leg of the meeting. Mendy has been taking leaps and bounds when putting the lock on the right flank of the rival attack. While it is true that it was part of the debacle of Paris, when he has had to respond to Marcelo's injuries, he has complied until he began to attend and dare with his powerful shot and, above all, giving a break to the core when correcting the side raises.

The defensive level that Mendy has given in the time that has replaced Marcelo has added to create the wall Real Madrid has lifted during the season. His speed was one of the great virtues for which he signed with the white team and a selection at the time of climbing that has been improving with the passing of the matches. With the blur of that unnecessary expulsion before the visit to Valencia which forced Zidane to invent, the Frenchman's role in the first part of the season has been positive.

Marcelo finishes an aerial ball

Marcelo finishes an aerial ball


A break for Marcelo

In any case, this also benefits Marcelo. The age of the Brazilian forces to take special care of a player who will go down in history as one of the best. That of Rio de Janeiro has changed finals where the team enlarged its history in the Champions League. But the physical state he has shown in the first round has shown a weakness never seen before in him.

The Brazilian will have to concentrate to the big dates and give that performance that has marked his career, without the need to play more inconsequential games. That remains for Mendy. For the French to continue growing football and gaining confidence. Marcelo has to be in the moments of, using the pugilistic simile, the distance of money. Being that dagger that has led to stardom in his career is vital to the interests of Real Madrid in the remainder of the season.

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