Casemiro celebrates his second goal against Sevilla

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The new Real Madrid which has managed to cement Zidane It has no roof. The defensive pivot sees goal, the team does not fit goals, every week a new lineup … The French coach has made a chameleon team, very difficult to relent for the rivals, in which the players' shortcomings are hidden and shines the collective success

The priority of Real Madrid is to win, but also to obtain a regularity that allows the team to face a tournament like The league with real triumph options at the end of the season. It is the great desire of Zidane, one of those who made him return to Chamartín in March 2019 after his glorious and previous stage.

2020 could not start in a better way for Zidane, since the coach has seen how his team has managed to keep the pace printed during the first round and continue postponing its streak of inability. Getafe, Valencia, Atlético de Madrid and, this Saturday, Seville. Four games, eight goals in favor and only two against.

But everything goes beyond a result in Concha Espina. Against Sevilla, some keys to the new Madrid with the Zidane seal could be confirmed. A team that practices a total football, physical and with good taste for the ball; that does not neglect the defensive plot and that fits very few goals in each match.

Total soccer

Madrid has managed to develop a style of play in which the goals surprise the rivals and arrive from any position. In Getafe the offensive reference was Varane and in Seville, Casemiro. Two matches and four goals that come from two unusual positions to appear in the photo.

Casemiro celebrates his second goal against Sevilla


The lack of goal of the team has been supplemented with the contribution of all players. Outside of Benzema, which is performing remarkably as a flagship in attack, midfielders and defenders bring arrival from the second line. This has earned him Modric Y Bouquets to be the top scorers of the squad, just behind Karim Y Rodrygo, with five goals under his belt.

25 opportunities

An identifying feature of Zidane is that he does not marry anyone: everyone has, sooner or later, opportunities on the pitch. Before Sevilla it was the turn of Jovic, Lucas Vázquez and Rodrygo. The three were from the game in a 4-3-3 that formed a novel and unusual offensive triplet.

Players should only have patience, work and wait for their moment to have minutes with the French. Vinicius Y Militao They are two other examples of players who have played a role in recent weeks.

Without unconditional

What is a reality, is that there are no fixed. There are titular theorists, but nothing is guaranteed unconditionally. Zidane agitates the team based on the needs or deficiencies he sees for each game and against Sevilla he left out players like Benzema or Isco being available.

Luka Jovic and Zinedine Zidane

Luka Jovic and Zinedine Zidane


The French coach has the decision power and exercises it over his players. He is the one who decides if a player is in optimal conditions to contribute to the team, however many gallons he may have in the squad. His leadership goes beyond that of a player who was a legend. The numbers guarantee him.

Hard to defend

This situation generates doubts in the rivals. And is that Real Madrid is a very difficult team to defend: there are no fixed men and the strikers are very versatile, which makes the defenses have difficulty taking references to neutralize the targets.

Except when Luka Jovic plays, the rest of the attackers usually camouflage themselves through different areas of the field, merging with the midfielders to generate chances with an unpredictable electric game.

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