Odriozola before the Bruges

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This Monday night the bomb jumped that Álvaro Odriozola I was looking for a transfer for the rest of the season. The player born in Saint Sebastian It is, a priori, the second right side of the team and, at 24, wants more responsibilities than, so far, has given him Zinedine Zidane.

The Basque arrived in 2018 with the desire to make things difficult for Dani Carvajal, which saw how the sides that came to replace him could not match his level. The difficulties of having a player of his size ahead have meant that Odriozola had no luck at the time of replacing him, although the one of Leganés has gone through some ups and downs during this period.

All this has been experienced by the young side with the shadow of a Achraf Hakimi which has grown a lot in two seasons in Germany. The Moroccan is, right now, one of the best laterals, he has developed his offensive abilities to the point of being able to play extreme and score goals to his good conditions. All this has forced Odriozola to react in search of changing the negative trend.

Odriozola before the Bruges


The European Championship, an objective

The Odriozola that arrived at Real Madrid was at the level of the Selection. Before arriving at Conch Thorn debuted by the hand of Julen Lopetegui in a Spain – Albania who won 3-0 and where he gave an assist. In the friendlies before world He also had a presence as a scorer in the draw against one Switzerland. In fact, he had the chance to play on the date of Russia but the recovery of Carvajal's injury in the final of the last Champions League del Madrid relieved the bench.

That is the level that Álvaro Odriozola wants to recover. The arrival of Luis Enrique again to the Spanish team has opened the range of options for all positions with a view to the Eurocup. The Basque believes that he can still convince the Asturian coach that he has enough level to play the continental championship. This exit with the corresponding minutes would open the doors of the national team.

Minutes against apathy

Nor has he been lucky in the opportunities Zidane has offered him during the season. Although Carvajal is one of the French eyes, Odriozola started the season playing against Celtic to alleviate the loss of the Spanish international by sanction. In that game he could already see his bad fortune in a play that could end in goal of Iago Aspas when he gave a ball if not for him VAR.

Odriozola collides with Salva Sevilla

Odriozola collides with Salva Sevilla


But if there is a match that pointed out completely it was the one of Majorca. Odriozola saw how the only goal of the match came by his band after Junior Lake beat him without much opposition. Further. The meeting did not end. The Basque was expelled and left Madrid with 10 making the task of overcoming the clash even more arduous. Since then, he has only had minutes in the inconsequential match against Witches.

Carvajal, the example

Odriozola doesn't want to see his progression slowed. You need opportunities in a site with a lower demand than the one you have in Real Madrid. That's what you'll look for in Munich where the competition for the position will be against a center that can play in that position, Benjamin Pavard, and a midfielder who Guardiola It was invented for the side, Joshua Kimmich.

This decision is supported by the 'Carvajal Formula'. The current holder of Real Madrid 'made the mili' in Germany to become one of the best in the world. Odriozola, in six months, will seek to replicate that good performance that his counterpart had in the right wing having the opportunity to play in the Champions League and in the Bundesliga.

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